Michigan Players in the NBA



Where the hell did Caris get those shoulders from?!?! What happened to the Ethiopian marathon runner look alike that suited up for the Maize and Blue


Caris is huge…6-7 running the point. He can really handle…has the ball on a string!


Caris the cornerstone…


Never understood those who thought Stauskas was a better ball handler than LeVert. Not ever while at M did I consider Stauskas handle on par with LeVert. In fact I doubt there has ever been a time in their life when Stauskas had the superior handle


Nik was a better ball-handler. Caris is quicker, longer, and generally more athletic.


Yeah, I don’t watch their actual games anymore (more of a box score NBA guy), but at Michigan I thought Nik was elite in his ball handling, whereas Caris was just good and used his physical tools for the rest.


It’s subjective, beauty in the eye of the beholder, but there is just no way Stauskas ever had handles like LeVert in my eyes, and NBA only reinforces opinion.


I don’t think it’s really subjective. Google Nik Stauskas ball-handling and watch the youtube vids to see some of how Nik got there. Had the ball on a string. Caris had and has plenty of other tools. Success in the NBA has a lot of variables other than ball-handling.


This not my first time on the internet. I’ve seen more than my share of Stauskas videos. We just gonna disagree


While both were in college, I don’t think there’s really a question that Stauskas was better handling the ball. In the pros, it’s a different story.


I haven’t watched enough NBA to know these days, so my comments are limited to their Michigan days.


If you get a chance watch the NETS this year…Caris has it on a string! Can’t speak for Nik yet but love how Caris finds him for the open three!!


FWIW, LaVall worked extensively with Caris to get him keep the dribble low. When he got to UM, Caris did let the ball get too high or fat away from his body. He has improved but I think you are underestimating Nik’s dribbling skills if you think Caris has always had the better handle.


Agreed, Jordan certainly gets credit, I also recall Caris and Trey battling 1 on 1 after practice which probably helped. Caris has a man’s body now and at 6-7 didn’t lose his quickness. I’m not sure comparing Nik and Caris gets us anywhere other than… “that was then, this is now”.

Go Blue!


I remember Caris getting stripped of the ball sometimes when he drove into the paint. I also remember Stauskas–though looking pretty mechanical doing it–sometimes exhibiting great moves in the same circumstances. I think that Stauskas had possibly been the more obsessive practicer/gym rat to that point. And with practice Stauskas has come to look pretty athletic himself. But Caris, from jump, exhibited incredible fluidity for his size.




Man am I jealous of Michigan bball fans in NY getting to see Nik, Caris, Tim and Trey on a regular basis


It certainly makes watching sub .500 teams a bit more enjoyable to watch!


Pretty cool if it happens. I know Trey has been tearing up the G-league this year. Player of the month for December I think. Hope he sticks this time.