Michigan Players in the NBA



LeVert with 22, Stauskus with 21 to lead the Nets tonight, though they lost to the Pelicans Nik 7 of 10 from three.


nice to see Nik compete against his old buddy Cousins.



Nik is now shooting 56% from 3 on the year. Somewhat small sample size (34 attempts), but that’s still pretty good.



Michigan alumni game in Miami tomorrow night… Nik and Caris visiting Derrick Walton and the Miami Heat.


Caris is a very good PG…7 assists last night. Coach A really likes his potential at 6-7". Its been great to watch him in action…he can create and get to the hoop. I predict he’ll be the next UM player to cash in big!

Go blue…go nets!


Like this quote…built on UM fundamentals!

“Here, there’s a lot more movement in our offense, and there’s a lot more freedom,” hs said recently. “If you notice, a lot of the threes I’ve been shooting are off the dribble in pick-and-roll situations, but I never got to do that in Philly. That’s a strength of mine. When I came here and met with coach [Kenny] Atkinson the first day, my eyes lit up because I started realizing how they played and how well I’d fit in here.”

This might be a turning point for NIK!

Good luck AYE!!!


“People in Ann Arbor, home of the blue-and-gold”



So how does that work exactly? If DWalt maximizes his games in the league, is he forced to complete the season in the G League or can he renegotiate? Or would Heat have to offer 10 day contracts for as long as they keep him up?


I think you can only offer two 10 day contracts before you choose to sign a player for the season or release him (although they might’ve changed that with all the new contract rules) so I’m not sure what they’d do. Seems like there has to be some system in place to account for injury issues, unexpected good players, etc.


The two-way contract can be converted to a standard NBA contract.


He’s on a 2-way contract. So he can spend 45 days with the Heat.

Not sure what would happen if he wanted to spend more than 45 days there.


My understanding of the new 2-way contract rule is after 45 days in the NBA, the contract becomes a 1-way deal for the remainder of that season. And the NBA team would have to create room under its 15-man roster to accommodate the contract under normal roster rules (as opposed to the bonus 16th & 17th slots teams get for their 2-way contract players).


It becomes a 1 way contract or the player gets released. This is what happened with Mike James. His contract was converted to a 1 way contract but then was released to make room for someone else. There isn’t really much protection for the player. Bronson Koenig was released right around training camp from his two way contract with the Bucks. Put him in an awful spot to try and earn a training camp invite from another team.


I found this regarding DWALT…


LeVert with another double-double. Walton struggled with his shot but his bench unit generally did well with +/- and he played 20+ minutes.


Caris with another strong game…awarded “player of the game” from the YES network!


16.6 points, 4.4 rebounds, 7.6 assists, 1.4 steals over his past 5 games. Not to mention it’s on 49% shooting and 53% from three. Crazy how well he’s adjusted to being an NBA point guard. The Nets have a really solid group of young guys with Russell (When he returns), LeVert, Hollis-Jefferson, and Allen. Get a nice stretch 4 in there and they’ve got themselves a solid starting lineup for the future. On their blog I’ve actually seen several comments mentioning DJ Wilson, which would be pretty cool to see. The Bucks don’t seem very interested in using him so far.