Michigan Players in the NBA



Yea but the NBA is changing, more ball movement and threes. Some teams are actually shooting more three’s than two’s. The Sixers played a lot of hero ball,over the past three years…with more ball movement he’ll fit in fine.


Eh…stats show the sixers are one of the best ball moving teams in the NBA - especially this year (admittedly he didn’t really get to play this year). They tried to have him play the role that they just paid Redick to take - he just didn’t shoot well enough.

Just to balance that out - I’ve watched a fair amount of Brooklyn this year (I have League Pass), and after a cold start to his shooting, Caris has really put it together. Even in the NBA his athleticism stands out, and he can really get to anywhere on the floor he wants - barring an injury I think he’s by far our best pro (moreso than Hardaway) when all is said and done. Wouldn’t be shocked to see some all-star games.


Looks like they play them on the 15th and 30th of next month. Good idea–I am placing it on my calendar.



You are right about Nik’s failing to make his open 3s consistently while in Philly, but the role Redick has this year was never clearly defined in Nik’s two years there. The PG changed numerous times and they even had Nik running the point at times last year. Simmons changes the dynamic of the team completely.


Stauskas 0 points on 0-5 shooting today :frowning:


I have to agree with your Caris assessment, he might be the best pro. He’s really quick and gets to anywhere he wants to go.

As for NIK i’m hoping he finds a good fit!



Trey has been dominating G League… only a matter of time before he gets the call up


Congrats to DWalt on his first pro FG tonite (a 3ball!)


Here’s a thought on Trey, much like Jimmer Fredette. Maybe he is just better suited for a slightly lower level than the NBA. I’m not saying he can’t make it but the game is just a bit too athletic/long for him.

Hopefully, he finds a fit for his style for him to be successful.


And then only a matter of time til he would be back in the G League.

Trey just doesn’t have the athleticism and game to succeed long term in the NBA. Was hoping he’d have a Jameer Nelson type career, but it didn’t happen.


Bingo. And considering that the Knicks would prefer career journeymen Jarrett Jack and Ramon Sessions as their stopgap measures before Ntilikina can take the reins, it shows just how little they think of Trey.


totally agree. Is this Trey’s last year of his rockie contract? After that, he should seriously think about what is the best for his professional career. There are a lot of oversea leagues that offer good money. I think that Trey can easily dominate Chinese League for years, consistently scoring 40+ a game. If he can overcome the culture barrier, there are a lot of sponsorship money to be made in the big market.


Nice nights for Caris (17/3ast/6reb), Nik (15/2asr/1reb), and Derrick (7/5ast/2reb)


Was at the Pistons game behind the Knicks bench…Timmy was getting heckled all game and he was giving it back big time. Not sure what he got T’d up for early, but he’s certainly a vocal guy on their bench, stood almost entire game on end of bench in his street clothes


Thanks Ed…
The heat may have to sign DWALT to a longterm deal, he’s already played more than half of his allowable days in the big league. I’m really happy for him…zero turnover’s last night.


Work pays off…


Not sure I knew–or remembered–that they were UM roomies, or that they spent a summer killing it together. Good story.


I played with a kid who Nik really reminded me of (obviously Nik was way better than this juco/D2 shooter) but his whole persona through high school and juco (where he killed it) was all swagger. When he went D2 he didn’t really fit personality wise with the team and was always trying to earn their appreciation/respect - no swagger at all. He lost all interest in playing, couldn’t hit a shot even though he was very good shooter. I think Nik’s game is a ton of bravado and he hasn’t had that since he went pro. Cousins probably played a role in that and Nik’s been trying to claw back ever since. Hope this works for him in Brklyn


The NETS are young and building for the future…I think he’ll get a great opportunity with Atkinson as his coach. The future of the NBA will include finding the open man for the 3 ball with teams that spread. NIK has a role if he can shoot at a high percentage.

Watched the nets last night, CARIS…wide open on the wing…the dude jack’s a two off the rim. Hero ball in the NBA is turning the page…can’t score with GOLDEN STATE unless you move the ball.