Michigan Players in the NBA



hard to imagine it was Trey who pulled the cord


Well shit.


Who knows. The deal was non-guaranteed, so he was going to have to compete for the spot.


GRIII out for a while with an ankle sprain.


Caris starting another season with an ankle issue. Guy can’t catch a break.


Mitch McGary article surfaced:



That’s what he is doing now?? Wow.

“McGary is just 24, so basketball opportunities will still come his way.” Will they? Based on his social media it doesnt even look like he’s working out or training in the gym. He golfs a lot though and apparently is bowling too.


Agreed. We really don’t know what he does in his day to day (training, eating right, skills, etc.) but I have to agree with you. Based on his past/and social media, it doesn’t seem like he really has the desire to succeed in basketball. Or rather, have the desire to sacrifice and put in the effort to succeed.


Wow. From one bowl to another. :roll_eyes:



Tim and Trey!!! On a roster they might actually both get minutes on!!! Count me in


Cool! Didn’t see that one coming.


I assume an unguaranteed preseason deal?



I think I just became a Knicks fan.


Just glad Trey is in the league. Hopefully he can stick around and get a guaranteed deal out of this.


Well that was short …


Lol uhhhh… did he even practice with them?


Dang :frowning: