Michigan Players in the NBA



Highlights of DJ and Caris here.


I just saw this on a street corner. So apparently Burke decided he didn’t dislike his time here after all??? Did he ever take back the comments that he made dissing the program?


He recently tweeted that no one wants to play in Utah, so perhaps he’ll have something to say about DC soon.


Not the NBA, but Zak Irvin has signed with VL Pesaro in the top Italian basketball league:

Zak Irvin, nuova Ala della VL! :white_circle:️:red_circle:https://t.co/PBQdDqZ3M9#Benvenuto pic.twitter.com/12bQ0pVK8O

— VL Pesaro Basket (@VLPesaro) July 24, 2017


Interesting that this team is adding 4 new young players this summer. It also came in 2nd to last in Serie A last season.




Pretty amazing news for Derrick in all honesty. 7 months ago I’m not sure there was anyone who would have imagined him on an NBA roster.


One downside? A lot of time spent this winter in Sioux Falls, SD.


Does it snow at all there?


Sioux Falls isn’t that bad! Yes, it snows.


It’s not quite Miami :slight_smile:


To be fair, I’ll be spending zero days this winter in Miami. What I’d do for 45 days there…



Anyone hear anything recently about Mitch? Feel like I haven’t heard a thing since he was waived by OKC almost a year ago.


A few sweet DJ pics - new hair cut included



Levert “Baby Durant” working out with KD himself




Been waiting to hear where he was headed.


lol what