Michigan Players in the NBA



Drafted levert with my last pick in fantasy. I told everybody he’d be a steal. They laughed. I think I’m going to get the last laugh here. Lin injured too. Caris will be gold I tell you, gold Jerry!


I used to always draft Juwan Howard last regardless haha at least there are options these days…


Hardaway with 34 points, 8 assists and 4 rebounds in their win over the Cavs tonight



Didn’t know how many people here had read this (it was posted on mgoblog). A really great read.



Validation for Timmy? https://nypost.com/2017/11/15/tim-hardaway-jr-proving-hes-worth-71-million-to-knicks/


Nice article, although it was funny to read that he “comes off as a grouch” – come on now, Timmy?


FWIW Caris is playing 26min/game and averaging 10 points. DJ minutes have increased slightly to 3:38/game. Nick is going nowhere with Philly, averaging 6:14 minutes and 1.3 points.


Timmy with a 26-6-6 game in win tonight, and the Knicks are doing pretty well too.


Another monster game for THJr. This time a career high in W vs Raptors. Superb all around game.


38p 6rb 6 assists.


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Nik Stauskas on the move…

Stauskas and LeVert on the same roster again.


Hope Nick sees the floor in Brooklyn. He got some minutes in the last few games. This is why, I guess.


Tough spot for Nik. I suspect he’ll be competing for minutes with Caris and the Nets are fairly deep at guard.


I understand the desire to move on from Okafor but it truly feels like the Nets are the clear winners here. Okafor could still be a franchise center. 2019 draft pick. And I have still not given up hope that Nik could be microwave type player off the bench and be valuable. All three of those pieces for a mediocre role player.


I have a hard time visualizing any NBA roster that isn’t a tough spot for Stauskas. He may still find a niche in the NBA but I have my doubts.

LeVert was always the better NBA prospect; always had the better skill set, just needed to develop physically imo, and of course stay/get healthy.


Should be fun to watch as Caris is getting minutes at the point. IMO he’s playing very well and turning into a great pro. He had trouble staying in front of Curry but who doesn’t. His first step is quick and long which gets him to the rim.


Stauskas has a place in the league. Every team can always use an elite shooter will the ability to handle the ball. The problem for Nik is that he hasn’t been an elite shooter since making the jump. I’m not sure what the reason is for his struggles, but I always thought he would be a JJ Redick type and he hasn’t done that so far. Hopefully he gets some minutes in Brooklyn, but they do seem to already have some players at his position