Michigan Players in the NBA



Sorry if the constant Walton updates are getting annoying, I just love that he’s doing well so far.



Looks like he belongs. So smart, so well coached, so confident


Greg Anthony was raving about Walton during today’s telecast. He knows his role and is good in the pick and roll. Does that mean he finds a spot on the Magic or another team? I have no idea but he has a shot to make a roster if he continues to play like he has.


I noticed the same thing. Dallas went on a run and GA immediately said it was because Walton went out. During the interview with Orlando’s CEO he also said something like “I assume Walton will be on the roster, so what are you looking for to fill the rest?”


I didn’t watch this game at all (and he looked GREAT in the first two I watched) but if he can have 8 points, 5 assists on poor shooting and still have that type of impact, that bodes extremely well for his chances





Hardaway Jr. just signed a 4 yr, $71 dollar offer sheet with the Knicks. The Hawks have 48 hours to match if they want to keep him. That’s a lot of $$$$



I gotta say, watching DJ Wilson run pick and pops with Bronson Koenig just feels so so wrong


From what I’ve read the Knicks bid against themselves, They are such a bad organization but I guess you take the money and run.


Yeah, that was an incredibly bad deal by them lol. Not only did they (probably) way overpay him after finally looking like they could get out of the salary cap shit show that they were in, they went through a two year process of this:

  1. Trade THJ for a 1st round pick.
  2. Draft Jerian Grant.
  3. Trade Jerian Grant for Derrick Rose and a 2nd Round pick.
  4. Draft Damyean Dotson then renounce Rose for cap space.
  5. Offer Hardaway $71 million over 4 years.

So basically, the knicks traded Tim Hardaway Jr. for a second round pick and a much more expensive Tim Hardaway Jr.


Blame Derek Fisher?


Blame everyone, I thought being a Pistons fan sucked but they are absolutely tortured over there.



We might see Caris and DJ on the floor tomorrow in a match up with the nets and Bucks.


Both had pretty solid games.


DJ did not look out of place with this group and Caris is going to be an above average pro IMO. Really surprised how well DWALT played, he can run a team and knows the PNR regardless of who’s on the floor…I hope it opens doors for him.


Welp, Bucks fans appear to be warming up to DJ: http://forums.realgm.com/boards/viewtopic.php?f=21&t=1593704&start=140#start_here

Some comments of note…
“Holy ****”
“Back to back ROYs!!!”
“Wish Giannis could shoot like Wilson”
“DJ’s trigger is so impressive.”
“Love Wilson’s confidence” (Who would’ve thought that would ever be said a year ago)
“DJ. Damn.”
“God dyammmm, DJ straight up balling. Hitting everything and still finds the open corner 3 man. Love it.”