Michigan Players in the NBA



His average is deceiving. In the last month he’s been around 20 per game. To mer, Caris is even more amazing, having missed most of the last two seasons to injury and coming into this season rehabbing, he’s become the best up and coming talent in his team.


Michigan tied for 11th in the entire NCAA for players in the NBA playoffs. Hardaway, Crawford, Burke, and Robinson all made it.


Somehow I missed this earlier, but Burke had an extremely random 27 point outburst, including 10-13 shooting and 5-7 from three, on Wednesday.


“The NBA is complicated, the NBA is a business,” he said. “I’m getting back in shape. I’ll be back, whether it be the NBA or overseas.”


Hey, I remember that guy! :smiley:


Yikes, Hardaway had a terrible first playoff game. Hopefully he pulls it together.


But on the bright side he did do this


I watched the game. He was pressing in the 2nd half … chucked up a bunch of 3s out of rhythm and ended up 0/6 from beyond the arc for the game.


It’s one game, and he picked up two early fouls which seemed to prevent him from getting into the flow. He’s been excellent lately, I think he’ll rebound.


He’s had some good games this year when they actually give him some playing time. Seems like Washington is a bad fit, but I think he’ll go elsewhere and be a decent backup.


Oh I know he’s been awesome lol, I spent a couple minutes most days seeing how our NBA players did. What I find interesting is that his season in its entirety was pretty much equivalent to his best season at Michigan stats wise. Props to him for putting in work.




6th best FG% during clutch time (40 or more FGA)
2nd best in 3P% during clutch time (25 or more 3PA)
17th most fast break points; 11 of the 16 players ahead of him were All-Stars
5th best FG% by a guard on shots within 5 feet of the rim
12th most efficient player in transition, 1.17 ppp (200 or more possessions in transition)
16th most efficient offensive player on drives, 79.1 ppp (250 drives or more)
The lower turnover rate on drives (250 drives or more)
21st best 3P% (400 or more 3PAs)
9th best net rating for a bench player
7th most points by a bench player (40 or more games off of the bench)
5th lowest turnover rate far any guard with a usage of 22% or higher



Walton: 10 pts (team high) on 3/5, 2/3 from three. 3 rbds, 2 assists.

Irvin: 4 pts on 2/8, 0/6 from three. 3 rbds, 1 assist.


Is this the end for Stauskas in Philly?


Minnesota would be a great spot for Stauskas. Badly in need of shooting off of the bench.


It would be great for Stauskas to learn from JJ but doubt they have the roster space for that.


Walton and Irvin played each other in the summer league this afternoon.

Walton: 13 pts on 5/7 and 2/2 from three. 3 rebounds and 3 assists.

Irvin: 5 pts on 2/4 and 1/2 from three. 3 rebounds and 1 assist.

With respect to Stauskas, Reddick is expected to start so I’d assume that he’d just move to the bench now, a more appropriate role IMO. He might have to battle with Luwawu but I doubt he’ll be off the roster.


Walton’s played really well his first two summary league games. Hope he can find a spot with Orlando, or on an NBA roster somewhere.