Michigan Players in the NBA



As predicted, Brandon Jennings will sign with the Wizards after he clears waivers at 5pm today. Look like Trey will avoid being waived, but he will no longer receive rotation minutes, unless an injury occurs.


Cmon Trey, keep my username relevant!


Came across this on the front page of r/nba:


Collison is just resigned to his fate. Slumps the shoulders. Doesn’t even make a late attempt to close out. Doesn’t go after the board.

It’s as good as breaking his ankle.

Love all these highlights for LeVert.


Timmy with a career high 36 points tonight.



My first NBA game ever and I saw Timmy light it up!


Pretty sweet.



Nice game today pitting GRIII – 11 points and 4 rebounds, including the game winning 3 for Pacers – against THJr – 24 points, 4-7 on 3, 4 rbs, 2 assists. GRIII actually had a big block on THJr in the game and gave him a look afterward.




That’s great!


Just talking about him with a friend yesterday. Big scorer in NBDL. Wondered if he’d get another shot.


Really good article about Jamal Crawford. Not sure where I found it, so sorry if it’s already been posted.


Tim hardaway has been playing well this month. ESPN just flashed that he’s averaging 19.6 / 2.8 / 2.6 on 50.3% overall and 39.7% on three pointers so far in March. He’s in for a huge payday with the new salary cap.



So seeing LeVert drop 19 on the Bulls in a one point win while Denzel Valentine went 0-2 in limited minutes with 0 points was pretty cool. Here are the highlights from that game:

And here’s his 20 point game from the game before:

Also of note, Hardaway Jr. has at least 20 points in 4 of his last 5 games, including two wins against the Cavs. He’s now averaging 14.5 pts, 2.7 rbs, and 2.3 asts per game on the year.


Timmy’s 14.5 PPG is really impressive. as a Pistons fan, he’s basically putting up KCP or better offensive stats in 6 less minutes per game. Obviously a much different story defensively but there was some talk of KCP chasing a max contract. Really awesome to see THJ succeed like this.


I just hope Stauskas can move to a bench microwave type role on a decent 76ers team (If they can become one) because I think that suits him much better in the NBA. If he can do that and increase his efficiency, Beilein would have a really nice set of wings in the NBA with those two and LeVert.