Michigan Players in the NBA



Soooooo someone brought up McGary above, but perhaps it’s time to replace his tag on this thread with Crawford?



Anyone way turn off auto-play videos?

Not sure why anyone would link an auto-play video to begin with, but maybe there is a way to turn that off.


I’m actually not sure how @guestavo1 got that to embed. I’ve struggled to embed vids from Twitter in the past.


Chrome has an extension that works well for me.


It’s hilarious that you say that, I had “I’m just posting here to get this video unloaded” as my last comment before I switched it to something sorta on topic.


Not sure where to put this but its cool


Glenn Robinson III had a nice 19 and 6 tonight against the cavs.




It’s great to see guys coming back to support the program.


I remember at the home MSU game in 2014 the TV guys mentioned that both of Burke’s parents were there. With Burke’s recent comments coming to mind it made me realize that I don’t remember him ever coming back for a game. Perhaps I’m forgetting something though. But yeah, it’s awesome to see guys like Tim, Caris, J-Mo, and Nik(Not this game, but still…) not only coming to games, but often cheering us on via Twitter and other social media.


In the wake of the Boogie Cousins trade, there’s some interesting stories coming out about his treatment of Nik. Zach Lowe said on his podcast “DeMarcus Cousins ruined Nik stauskas…the stories about Cousins berating Stauskas, threatening to fight him on the plane when they were going to China preseason”. Lots of talk about it on the NBA Reddit thread


Ex-Wolverine Pelinka will be Lakers’ new GM

2017 - C - Mo Bamba (Offer)

Are you watching this Mohamed Bamba?


It’s fitting that the first thing the Michigan State grad, who is woefully underqualified for his job, does is hire a Michigan grad to run his team.


Magic never graduated MSU. Left early for the draft.


Good call…shouldn’t have used the term “grad.”


FWIW, Trey is on the trading block in Washington. At the least, they are attempting to get a player to back up John Wall ahead of Trey.


Wizards are 18-5 since the start of the year. Won 11 of 12 before the ASB. But backup PG is a position they are weak at. Love Trey but he just hasn’t been able to produce consistently in the NBA at a level that warrants him being a backup PG on a good team


Correct. The Wizards are attempting to sign Brandon Jennings, as he was waived by the Knicks. If the move occurs, I am not sure whether they will release Trey or one of their younger players, but he is definitely in danger.