Michigan Players in the NBA



Hardaway Jr. kinda going off right now. 26 on 10/15. Close game on TNT, almost over though.




THJ…what a game, brings the hawks back down 20. Timmy!!! Nice finish at the end!


Hardaway with a career high 33 points, 23 points in the fourth quarter in a 20+ point comeback win.


That was a beautiful drive and dunk.



Nice effort by Houston on that inbound with the game in the balance…


From the box score, neither one had amazing games. But their coaches said good things.

On Caris:
Atkinson has been impressed with Caris LeVert’s development in his rookie season. “His progress has been faster than I thought. With all the time off he hand in college and as quickly as he’s come along, I’m surprised how far along defensively he is. The biggest surprise has been his ball handling and his ability to break his defender down, make passes and play pick-and-roll.” … LeVert started his first game.

On Glenn:
McMillan praised Glenn Robinson III as a key role player. “He’s coming out and he’s playing hard and that’s certainly a start. Defensively, I think he’s improved on that area. Offensively, he’s knocking down some shots. Defensively is the reason he’s been put out on the floor. We need him to defend his position, rebound the ball and when there are opportunities to receive the ball from kick outs, knock down those shots. He’s been able to do that for us.”

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Nik went for 16-7-7 tonight.


What’s great is my fantasy team is really beat up right now in my weekly head to head league. All my guards are hurt. I picked up hardWay for that game he blew up and it was a key reason I won last week. He’s been putting some nice stats together. I a
Chose between him and nik actually. Needs a guard and was real close in points and threes, glad I avoided nik he threw up a dud that game. Dropped hard away though again as Mathews came back. Glad my wolverines came through



Timmy with 18 points tonight - at halftime.




Is there any chatter about McGary and his future?


Timmy averaging 22.5 in the last 6 games. Hope he keeps it going and the All-Star break doesn’t affect him!


Not a Michigan player but is anyone else shocked by Yogi Ferrell’s success in the league so far? He’s averaging 15 and 5 assists per game over the last month


Not really, I always thought he could play. He was a five star recruit for a reason.