Michigan Players in the NBA



I can tell you - because about 3-4 games into his sophomore year, Zak suddenly stopped being a knockdown three point shooter and struggled to make open looks.


It’s weird how these narratives take hold–suddenly, among a large group of followers Caris was not good last year, and now the narrative is being further embroidered with the notion that Beilein somehow failed him. It IS true, I think, that the offense was not operating with a high degree of efficiency yet at that stage, when he went down. . . There was some of the standing around that people have been saying we had this year, which in fact I haven’t seen.

This is not directed at Guestavo, btw–I’m talking about the general trend of Caris conversations, including at mgoblog.


Unfortunately Caris’ most memorable moment last season, in a lot of eyes, was his complete no show against SMU. I think that overshadows a lot of the good games he did have.


Which is obviously ridiculous when he was doing stuff like this:


How is it ridiculous that that game would stick out most in some people’s eyes? I’m not saying he didn’t have some great games and some great moments, but i’m sorry laying an egg against a ranked team we were looking for revenge against sticks out in my mind more than a big game against a team with a losing record. SMU was our opportunity to make a statement last year and he was largely invisible. 1-13 from the floor.


Judge anyone by their worst game and they are going to suck.


I’m not judging him by it, just saying it overshadowed the rest of his performances a bit. I think anyone who watched the whole season knowns he carried this group through the non-conference schedule. If Caris doesn’t play the non-conference we miss the tournament.


Witch Caris often on the YES network…what really amazes me is his handle and that first step. He gets to where he wants to be and creates for others. There is mention by Atkinson to run Caris at the point, he likes multiple handlers and ball movement. Upside is huge in my opinion!


Yeah, Atkinson inverts it a lot where he will have Caris bringing the ball up and initiating the offense and have Kilpatrick/Foye on the wing. Said before the draft, PG would be his best position from a health perspective and to create offensive mismatches.

I’d say the most impressive thing, especially given his style of play at UM, is his decisiveness with the ball. It never sticks and he never hesitates to hit a shooter, big or find a teammate with a mismatch. Really good at drawing the help and getting good looks for his teammates. Can only imagine his vision once BK adds real talent…and he isn’t even hitting the 3 ball like he is capable!


BTW not sure anyone has noticed but Nik is starting to make a very nice contribution with the 76ers.


You’re right in identifying that first step, and that–it seems to me–is often a matter of confidence, as well as acumen. It just seems to me that the moment came when Walton did NOT have that confidence, a stretch where got pounded every time he took it in; I’m still grieving about that.


His pull up was a major weakness his first 3 years so its crazy to see Vert do this:


Interesting you mention that-- I had completely forgotten how brutal his mid range game was in 2015.



Said it before, I think Nik ends up being a Marco Belinelli type player.


Looks like we need a separate thread just for Caris!!


Kevin Love video is great. Always gonna be tough to stay in front of a guy when your body is turned sideways to him.



GR3 perfect from the field last night as well. 5-5 / 2-2 / 2-2 7Reb


Thanks G…try this at home, three dribbles from foul line to foul line. I watched more of the nets this week…this kid is not just fast, he’s cat quick and can stop on a dime. The more I watch him the more he needs to be on the floor. I never expected Caris to blend into the NBA so quickly. He definitley has the quickness for this level…the NETS are bad but he’s fun to watch. He had a great touch pass on the break last week…he’ll fit into the new NBA of ball movement and threes.