Michigan Players in the NBA



I watch too much NBA action, but with that being said, Trey is a borderline NBA player. He hasn’t been good, at all, for the Wizards this season, despite his very solid shooting statistics. For the most part, he tries really hard on defense, but he is just too small to guard NBA PG’s. While not totally conclusive, Trey is -104 in 390 minutes this season – that is terrible. He doesn’t set up teammates well, and as I alluded to, is not a good defender. His defensive rating is 114. He is basically an extremely undersized shooting guard. I am worried about his ability to get a contract after this season, when he becomes an UFA. I think THJ, GRIII, and Caris all have bright futures and sticking power in the league. Nik has also had a much improved year and should be able to stay in the league for a while.


This is no surprise to me. My exact NBA projection for Trey was an undersized 2 guard in the mold of Aaron Brooks and I caught hell for it.


Anyone know the latest on Mitch? Nothing public since he was waived that I can see. Has he tried out with anyone? Looking overseas? Still think on talent he has a place in the league. Just hard to trust what he will do when he’s not training/on the bench.


Real gm has him still as a FA. Looks like nothing overseas.


Living in Philly it appears the city is finally warming to Nik, hope his good play and results continue.


Manny Harris leading the NBDL in scoring with 27.2ppg: http://stats.nbadleague.com/leaders/

Click Here for highlights - blast to the past, I really enjoyed watching some of his clips


Didn’t even know manny played still . One of my favorite players. Loved him and Simms. Wish they had more help.


I was reading a Brooklyn Nets blog and forum last night. The fans there are already itching for LeVert, to start at point guard(!) for the rest of the year. I’m surprised he’s making a positive impact this soon after returning from the injury.


When I watch him in the NBA, I still think Jordan Clarkson is the comparison.


I mean I know he was the de facto point guard with us for two years but I did not expect that role to continue in the NBA. Nets fans say he’s been able to get past pretty much any defender and that he was the only one on their team who could stop LeBron(!!!) when they played the Cavs. They say he rarely makes the rookie mistakes. Clarkson is an interesting comparison, but I think LeVert is a better passer by a solid margin, having 25% less assists but in 37% fewer minutes while playing mostly SG. While I think they’re a little bit too optimistic, many of the members there are saying 20/5/5 in a couple years. Drop down the scoring to 15 and I can actually see that with the skills he has.


Their assist rates are nearly identical. But Caris is a rookie so you’d assume it will go up (although Clarkson was nearly 24% as a rookie).

I always thought Caris would end up w better catch and shoot player than Clarkson, while JC would always be a better finisher best on strength, bounce, and aggression.

I think their games are pretty similar



That is a great play by Caris and does show his potential to be a PG at that level. it does bring up a question though… Do you really follow this guys twitter account!!! Holy crap if you do


Oh, what could have been… He looks amazing. Finally healthy.


Was looking back at last year’s Illinois game for the preview. He was on a comically good stretch heading into that game (and obviously was great in that game). His #s 53% on twos, 45% on threes, 33% assist rate, 44% FTA/FGA, 19% DR% were all just ridiculous.

Such a shame that his college career ended like that with both injuries honestly. Glad he’s finding his way though.


lol I have search queries saved on my Twitter app that allows me to find the latest tweets about Caris and other UM-relevant players/coaches/etc


I remember his last cameo before he finally shut it down. He looked so out of shape. I was worried his foot would never get back to normal or that he couldn’t bear the weight necessary to succeed in the nba. Glad it turned out for the best.


It is a little surprising that Manny hasn’t gotten another NBA shot–particularly with effectively15 man rosters. His numbers for the Lakers were actually pretty good the last time he played in the NBA. He stuffs a stat sheet wherever he goes. Answering my own question, I suspect it a combination of his age (no longer a prospect), the perception (or reality) that he’s a career Triple A+ player and can’t hit a curve, a personality issue, or just bad luck.


He had games of 47 and 49 this year too. I don’t think you see too many call ups but I would have thought he’d get something by about now.