Michigan Players in the NBA



I just saw a video from the other day of him hitting a go ahead three and I love how the PA guy still calls him Sauce Castillo.


Great shooter, but not an athlete. :slight_smile:


He’s a lot longer than Clarkson, but otherwise I see it. He’s a pretty unique player and looks like he’s put on some muscle. I think he has a bright future in the league if he can stay healthy.


Not NBA so sorry if this is bad, but I did not know Jordan Morgan could do this.


Always knew caris was the best pro prospect of the bunch after his sophomore year. His game is built for the pros. What was disappointing is much like this years team they didn’t ever blend well and get it together last year Games were very awkward. I think we had a crAp load of potential though. I told all my friends we were sleepers coming into the year.

I still like to believe had spike and caris been healthy and In spikes case playing like his old self that we would have solved the riddle and won a lot late. Maar and moe / kam showed some life.

The more I think about it the more I think these bad spell hasn’t been really about talent. I think belein hasn’t gotten the pieces fitting together in the right way along with crappy injuries.

Is there any doubt has mcgary stayed healthy that we don’t win that title, no way Kentucky beats us with Mitch there to rebound and counter their bigs scoring/ dominance. The only teams better then us that year were Michigan st ( maybe) and Arizona who got knocked out. I don’t care how hit uconn was they couldn’t stop Walton nik caris Glenn Mitch. Spike Morgan zach horford. Too good.


Not sure where to put this since he’s not in the nba but we’re talking about old Michigan players. So remember cj Lee? One of if not the first year belein was here. he either started or played a ton.

So I grew up playing him and often guarding him or going head to head with him in high school, he was a sophomore when I was a senior I believe. I’m shocked he ended up at Michigan the first time I saw him on the court. He was good in high school but not d one good imo, or he was d one but very small time. It made sense he went to Manhattan first,

What I always thought was strange is cj couldn’t hit threes in college and he was often WIDE OPEN. Not only would he miss, he would miss badly. Like straight air or off the back rim hard or off the glass. It was like Dwight Howard trying to shoot free throws. What was so odd about this is in high school he was pretty close to a knock down three point shooter. You certainly could not leave him open or he’d make you pay. He was one of the better players I ever had to guard in the street or real game setting, he was also rail skinny and small as a sophomore so it was funny seeing him so jacked. I use to bring h to the rack of post him. I actually got the better of him in our first matchup senior year at home. Lost at his place and he torched me for 25 or so. We played so slow snd often went zone so 25 was impressive.

Obviously that was so random but I was just thinking about this randomly when thinking about beleins term here and then all our pg ( thinking about dejuis). How do u become so bad from deep? I get the pressure and cameras on ect. But still he’d be left all alone,

Dylan where’s he coaching now? I remember a thread he was mentioned as on our staff then leaving to be an assistant somewhere. Holy cross sounds familiar


He’s an assistant coach at Marist under former Beilein disciple Mike Maker


Ok I knew it was somewhere small on the east coast somewhere


Miss him so much




Caris has been fantastic for a rookie. Nets fans want him starting and being the primary ball handler with Lin out. The Nets seem to want him progress slowly, not playing over 25 minutes after his foot issues. However, even Coach Kenny Atkinson admitted that he wants to play Levert more and that Caris deserves more minutes. Bright future for Caris, just gotta stay healthy.


I remember when he was the whipping boy his sophomore year lol…


Can we literally not talk about players in the NBA without starting the same stupid tired arguments (that coincidentally are just shouting because we’re talking about what would happen if someone was or wasn’t hurt).

Good grief guys. It’s literally always the same people, yelling the same things – what exactly about that do you guys enjoy? Are you going to finally convince the other party of your point when you play out the same song and dance for the 100th time?


At age 36 Jamal Crawford is averaging 11.6 ppg, 1.5 rpg, and 2.7 apg. There’s a drop from last year but the fact that he is still putting those numbers up is pretty cool.


Do you ever what would have happened if Crawford wasn’t found out. That frosh trio had contender potential in their sophomore year . Crawford, gaines, and Blanchard. Man were they good, almost beat those legendary duke teams. Crawford was killing Williams. He showed what we’d later find out ( he was better than Williams). You can say we can’t know that but Crawford was the better nba talent for sure.

I still think Blanchard should be talked about as Michigan all time greats. Man did he get screwed by those two getting the boot. Four years all by himself. I thought Blanchard was pro material to. Maybe he came out a few years to early. He would make the perfect combo forward/ stretch four now



Levert didn’t miss from the field tonight


So earlier this year I brought up how I went to a Nets forum and they were VERY optimistic on LeVert…

Welp, they’ve gone a bit further than that now: