Michigan Players in the NBA



I looked at Trey the other day and he was shooting 45% from both two and three so his shot issue appears to be solved. He’s still pretty much a non factor as a playmaker though. I would agree with you that he seems like the least likely of them all to end up being a contributor into his veteran years.


Maybe it’s not such good news for THJ (who’s been playing well lately)…i hope Van Gundy sends a couple 2nd rounders for him, he’d be a great backup for KCP


Why are the Hawks unloading? They’re in 4th place. (thought there were rumors about moving Millsap as well)


Doesn’t make much sense to me, although I swear I read an article on the ringer last week saying that they should sell the entire team and now here we are. Someone’s gonna get a steal with Millsap


17, 5 and 4 for Caris tonight in 24 minutes


19* in 27* minutes :slight_smile:

edit: found highlights -


Caris looks like the real deal.


Always thought caris would be the best pro of the group. With Mitch actually. I still think if Mitch would take things seriously and stop smoking weed he could become a solid big. Really wasting his talent.

Either way I told friends caris was a great pick for the nets. In that draft he was a steal. Nice pro game too with his ability to break players down one on one. Nets had a nice value pick the year before too in McCullough. Got two great values late from injuries.


I had no idea he came back so long ago. First I’ve really heard about it. I’m going to watch net haves more now. I get yes network in ny. Awesome


Agreed. He looks strong and confident.


Wow. Caris looks great in that video.


Caris had the best pro-skill set of any of that class. Was never a question of ability, just gotta see if his foot can hold up over 82 games


For sure. I always liked him more than nik but dsmn they were a good combo.

How did we lose to Louisville again? Six pros to what their one? So lucky.


Bad officiating and let’s face it, we got punked in the 2nd half. When talent is relatively equal, motor beats skill almost every time.


We outplayed Louisville by 8-12 points, even with Burke on the bench for so long. To my grave: We won.


If you’re suggesting that we got outworked, that’s not true. I agree on the refs. There was the block call on Trey, but there were several obvious fouls by Louisville that were not called.


I’m not suggesting anything, Bohannen flat out bullied us in the second half, period.


Hancock catching fire at the end of the 1st half was a killer too. The lead went from 12 to 1 in a heartbeat. We maintain a nice lead going into the 2nd half and I think we pull it out.


Burke’s foul trouble hurt. That, and Louisville was the #1 overall seed for a reason. We had more NBA talent, they were a much more experienced and tougher team. And Pitino is a top 5 (if not better) coach.


I also think the Kevin Ware injury helped Louisville a lot. They played the entire tournament with a lot of heart because they were playing for him.