Michigan Players in the NBA



Hardaway and Stauskas both have scored in double figures 4 straight games. Both seem to be carving out nice roles


Nik has been taking it to the basket this season with good success. Shooting 48% overall.


This is pretty cool:



Nik had 21 last night in a win over the Suns. 5/6 from deep including one ridiculous 25 footer over two defenders.



That is a ridiculous shot by Stauskas.

OT but the play of Embiid has been exceptional. If he can stay healthy he’s a top NBA player very soon.


Caris put in his first full practice of the year this week. Should be interesting to see how long it takes him to see the floor, and then his participation level for the rest of the year. Considering the state of BK, he should be given every opportunity to succeed once healthy.


GR3 putting up his first 20pt game in the league tonite.



17 pts. 6 rebounds tonight.


I was reading an article when this popped up:
“Out of all guards in the NBA who have played no less than 18 games and have shot at least 50 2-point field goals, Nik Stauskas has the league’s third-highest two point percentage, with 58.9 (Behind Tim Hardaway Jr. of the Atlanta Hawks and Patty Mills of the San Antonio Spurs).”

That was not expected. (Also in that article is that Stauskas is 3rd in the East in 3pt percentage, has highest total field goal percentage of all guards with 100 shots, and has the highest true shooting percentage in the conference [min 20 minutes per game]).

Also not expected is GRIII’s last 3 games. Since starting in place of injured Paul George he’s averaged 17.3 ppg on 65.5% shooting and 64% from three with 5 rpg. Really cool to see those three exploding out of nowhere this year. Shocking to me that Burke and McGary will likely wind up with the worst NBA careers out of all of Beilein’s players. I’m interested to see how LeVert does.


Levert cleared to play Monday vs Wizards. Hoping this is the beginning of a long and prosperous career for him. Certainly will get some playing time opportunities over the course of the season as the Nets try to find out what they have in him.


Watched the game last night as a Wizards fan (mostly to see Caris), but he did not play. Sat on the end of the bench. Gotta imagine you would give him a shot over Joe Harris and Anthony Bennett


Nets coach hinted at bringing him along very slowly before the game. I suspect very limited minutes until he has a little more practice time under the belt. He’ll have tonz of opportunity to gain playing time–Nets are pretty rock bottom these days and desperate for a bright spot.


Saw this comment on the Wizards’s blog and it made me laugh:
“Burke was great. This game showed how much better he is when he plays with a point guard. Most of his 3s were spot up shots with another guard (Wall or Sato) passing him the ball. That should be his role in this team. He is a SG on offense and needs a PG to set him up for 3s”

Burke is freshman year Walton in the NBA. If he can continue shooting well then good for him, at least he might’ve found a role.


Hardaway with 29 points on 11-13 shooting (6-7 from 3), including tying 3-pointer with 3 seconds left in regulation. Nice game for Timmy.


What’s the latest on Mitch McGary? Guy should have stayed a year or 2.


Trey, Caris, Nik and Glenn all scored in double figures tonight and played well. Trey scored 27 on 10-12 shooting, including 5-5 on threes. Nets coach praised Caris for his defense.


GR3 with the start for Pacers (8 pts, 6 reb), Caris went 2-3 from downtown, and Hardaway with a nice 14 pts…Korver moving on to Cleveland seemingly good news for Timmy.


Nik, THJ, GRII and Caris look like they’ll have extended NBA careers. Trey has come on recently, too.