Michigan Players in the NBA

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Mitch had higher aspirations than the NBA




I hate when articles assume I don’t know about the person they’re talking about. A “probably” would be appreciated.

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I thought this would be of interest. Hopefully, Nick recovers from this.

Former NBA shooting guard Nik Stauskas has departed EuroLeague squad Baskonia following a season-ending knee surgery, according to Sportando’s Emiliano Carchia and Alessandro Maggi. The 26-year-old Stauskas averaged 9 points a night in Euroleague play this season. Drafted No. 8 by Sacramento out of Michigan in 2014,

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Fun stat: Duncan Robinson now has more NBA career starts (50) than college (49)!


Are you forgetting about his time at Williams?

Getting beat out by Raul Neto twice in five years, on different teams, must be…fucking shitty. Trey can fill it up still! Hope he finds a home!

Yes. DI starts only*

Wade throws some friendly shade at Duncan for his performance in the 3 pt contest :rofl:


Then Duncan hit them when they counted - 19 points on 5/10 three point shooting.


Though in a losing effort, TIMMAY went for 33 (and 5 assists) last night. He hasn’t been in the playoffs since early in his career, so I’m looking forward to seeing what he can do as a key guy for a team.


Yeah Hardaway has been really good for Dallas this year. He was a contract dump in the Porzingis deal who’s turned out to be a real positive addition.

I think that goes to show what a difference being in a good system with a really good coach can make on a player. Hardaway had the opposite of that in New York. Playing with a generational talent like Luka helps a lot too.

Hardaway’s has always been an inconsistent jump shooter even going back to Michigan but this year he’s knocking down 40.6% from three. That’s huge.


D-Bo out to a 5-5 start against the Cavs tonight. Taking out his vengeance on the net after a disappointing showing in the 3 point contest. He lost me some $$$, but man–what a story this year. What if he turns out to be the most successful pro of the Beilein era!? lol. At this point, never say never.


He just went 5-10 against the Cavs the other night. I thought I was in a time warp when I saw your post. Weird that they’re playing B2B.

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The ol’ back-to-back home-and-home. Seems weird, yeah.

Even more weird that the Cavs continue to allow him to get open and shoot…back. to. back. But, Cavs doing them.

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Missed his next 5 to go 5-10…for the second game in a row.

Though this one may not be done yet. Tied with 6 seconds left. Cavs ball.

Update: headed to OT.

He’s been doing this for the past 10+ games or so. He’s shooting out of the world in the first halves of games and then coming up short in the latter half.

When he saw that he started 5 for 5 I prayed to God that he wouldn’t miss the next 5 and that’s exactly what he did. Oh well.