Michigan Players in the NBA

Caris struggled for a few weeks last season right after coming back from injury. I know it wasn’t great before he had surgery this year, but I feel like the sample size is too small to say neither of them play well with Kyrie. Probably going to depend on how well Caris shoots the ball the rest of the year.

Mitch McGary going pro in something other than sports.


I believe this should go in the not in the NBA thread😂


Damn. Didn’t know that was a thing.

Man if he had dedicated as much time to basketball as he does with this stuff, he could have been making millions.

The fact that he got suspended from the league for using it so much is crazy.

Might be offensive, but man what a waste of talent.

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dude loves kush lol


It appears so, hope it works out, but probably hitting the gym and using his basketball talents could have made him some big time money.

I mean, the guy just wasn’t that passionate about basketball. It’s not something that happens frequently but sometimes guys can have all the talent in the world and just not love the game. I really don’t think he cares about the money at all, from what I see of him on social media he’s much happier now. It’s not all about money.


Yeah, it seems plenty of players have proven that it’s not an either-or.

Seems to be really passionate about marijuana.


But at least one of the greatest “characters” in Michigan basketball lore was hyper-passionate about the game when he was here. Win the game.


Waiting for the Michigan Players in the PBA thread.


I think you can make money selling kush as well.

Perhaps the priorities and interests of people are not universal and “making big time money” wasn’t his chief one.

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Mitch had higher aspirations than the NBA




I hate when articles assume I don’t know about the person they’re talking about. A “probably” would be appreciated.

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I thought this would be of interest. Hopefully, Nick recovers from this.

Former NBA shooting guard Nik Stauskas has departed EuroLeague squad Baskonia following a season-ending knee surgery, according to Sportando’s Emiliano Carchia and Alessandro Maggi. The 26-year-old Stauskas averaged 9 points a night in Euroleague play this season. Drafted No. 8 by Sacramento out of Michigan in 2014,

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