Michigan/LSU Post Game Discussion

He really does and it’s sad. His first year was his best year. He did nothing at all better than Livers from what I’ve seen. I’m more than ok playing wagner at PF and using Davis as backup C.

Duncan is a 6th man and we are starting him at PF. Not a very good idea. We need to let livers learn on the job and why not start him vs a d2 team.

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I don’t believe he’s confident in his ability to handle into traffic.

I mean the sample size is 25 career shots, that’s too early to say that he’ll never be a good shooter.

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Brooks could turn into something serviceable. Simmons will improve a ton as the year goes on. Z? It was just one game, but that wasn’t encouraging. He let himself get punked tonight, tbh.

He looked confident to me tonight. Rushed a few shots. The transition 3 and the midrange shot from the free throw line was very rushed.

No matter what happens, the increase in pure talent level next season with the class of '18 is going to be sorely needed.


Nothing to do with sample size, everything I see with my own two eyes. He just doesn’t move his body at all like a shooter does. I don’t see him developing the rhythm a shooter needs in his game.

DeJulius should be salivating at his future opportunities.


Confident in what parts of his game?

I agree 100%. If we are going to get better, it’s goin to be the freshman stepping up. Livers and Brooks looked more than capable tonight. Simpson and Duncan looked absolutely uninterested and that pisses me off.

So what are the next two games?

Chaminade and who else?

Cal or VCU I believe.

Swing the ball and go stand in the corner gets you a B1G scholarship. What?

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He is a confident shooter imo. I’ve seen him make tons of shots. He has no problem getting up shots, he rushed a few tonight and that happens. Dude has played less than 100 minutes in his career. Picked up stupid fouls tonight and I get that part, but confidence isn’t his issue. Duncan is providing absolutely nothing for us and is playing a ton. I do not get it.

Looked like he was shooting from his waist.

Dude is worse than he was his firs year here. That’s scary. Can’t deibble or pass or defend. Livers or Teske need to be starting imo. Also, Brooks is a no brainer to start tomorrow too.

We can talk about offense and it wasn’t good the last few mins but defense is why we lost this game. They shot 59%. Did we get any stops after we went up 9. They attacked Robinson all game running 1/4 screens. They got the switch and Robinson had no chance to defend their PG. Not that our PG’s defended the perimeter well either.

I can’t believe how little threat Simmons and Simpson are offensively. I kind of expected it from Simpson but I thought Simmons had more offensive game. He must but he doesn’t even try to create any offense when he’s in. Brooks had his moments but he was a TO waiting to happen in the final minutes with his shaky ball handling.

Not sure why Beilein kept a TO in his pocket. We had nothing but desperation possessions down the stretch.

Too bad we wasted such great performances from Wagner and Matthews. Those guys played outstanding.

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I honestly thought it looked ok, I may need to watch again. But our offense the last 4 minutes was absolutely awful as every damn time Duncan got the ball he looked to pass immediately. That cannot be. Same thing with Simpson and Simmons, why are these d1 players on scholarship afraid to take shots. What the hell is happening?

Really feel we were the better team. We executed our game and went up 9. We got out competed in the biggest spots and down the stretch and that’s how we got the food taken straight from our mouths in the last minutes of that game. Can’t get those two 50/50’s snatched from you. And they took it to us on the compete plays all night long.