Michigan/LSU Post Game Discussion

all started with X coming into the game just to get blown by for a 3 point play.

DAMMIT. They stole that one from us. Dammit.


I put it in the game thread, but absolutely boneheaded final play by MAAR to go to the corner and take that shot and Beilein to not use a timeout. It’s also an issue when 2/5 starters decided they had absolutely no interest in this trip and stayed in Ann Arbor.

Where is the damn game thread?

I couldn’t figure it out.

Dylan posts it on the home page of the blog. Apparently the comments don’t show up on some browsers.

The insertion of Simpson there killed all the momentum.

Also Eli Brooks looks like he can barely dribble.

Gonna need to pick up a win elsewhere (Texas hopefully).

There are way too many times that we have Wagner and Matthews and 3 other guys that have no interest in even looking at the basket.

Argh, I was so confused as I log straight into the forum.

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The basketball team is gonna to get the overflow frustration from our football team’s struggles as well.


I see plenty to like from Brooks. There’s a reason he was playing and not the other two.


Needs to be stronger with the ball there late. Also, can’t miss that wide open of a 3 near the end that badly.

Very disappointing that we were second to TWO crucial 50/50 balls down the stretch. We were second to a lot of 50/50s tonight.

Gonna need to steal one from Texas or UCLA and win against Cal or whatever generic P6 team we face in this tourney next. After both of the teams’ games tonight I don’t think there’s much of a chance of getting the W in Chapel Hill.


He’s a true frosh. I saw a lot of poise and moxie and confidence and a few really special passes. He was not afraid of the moment and looked like he belonged.


We really had that game won. Anything but an and 1 there on the first play out of their timeout and I think we are able to work with the margin.

Would have sucked to lose, really sucks to let one slip away that we had in our hands.


I don’t understand the Brooks hype, especially regarding his passing. He made one bounce pass to a wide open trailer and that’s the only pass I even remember him making that I would consider remotely “special”. I agree he was probably the best PG tonight but that’s not saying much.

I don’t think any of the three will be special this year or maybe even passably good this year, but I also think the constant shuffling takes a significant toll on the team and offense. I would prefer to pick a PG and run with it instead of playing the “hot” hand with 3 guys who are extremely tentative the entire time anyway. The sooner we pick one, the better for the team in the long run this season IMO


Really heated after that loss, but you have to give mad props to Waters. That kid has it all.

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Duncan Robinson has to provide more as well.

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Another observation: too many bystanders looking around at Wagner and Matthews to do everything.

Livers’ defense was a sieve too unfortunately. Really nobody else we can turn to without playing tiny. The PG spot is rightfully garnering the most complaints, but it’s taking the spotlight off of a major weakness at the 4.

He was great - our ability to make other guys beat us was not so great.

Yeah that is true. Duncan Robinson can’t be on the floor major minutes unless he is making all his shots.

But there is no option behind him right now.