Michigan/LSU Post Game Discussion

I’d be more than ok with livers and Brooks starting tomorrow vs Chaminade.

He’s a true frosh - you’re looking for hints. The pass he made when he got caught up on the break and managed to feed a perfect bounce to the corner - that was impressive. And a pass neither of the other guys were showing me anything remotely close to tonight.


THIS! Crazy we talked about maybe being a deeper team this year but last year you had 5 maybe 6 guys scoring in double digits regularly and this year we can’t even find a 5th guy to take open shots

I’d be okay with Wagner and Teske starting tomorrow :roll_eyes:

Very true. Teske is so good at passing and being confident now. Anyone but Duncan. Dude has gotten worse for two straight years.


WHY DID SIMPSON ATTEMPT ZERO SHOTS?!!! I cannot for the life of me understand this.

The lack of any semblance of a play maker really magnifies the utter lack of development that he’s had. To be frank, he looks exactly like a guy who would struggle to get a D1 scholarship.


He doesn’t trust his shot at all, it seems. Then there was Ibi, Lord, that shot looks as broken as ever


Yeah, he had a weird hitch all night. Hopefully they take a look at that soon.

Moreover, how was Jaaron Simmons a 20+ ppg player? He has not shown anything close to that in the form of scoring thus far.

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I did forget the bounce to the corner, that was a nice play as well. Hes showing signs, I agree but I think Simpson has him beat everywhere except the jump shot. Mostly I just want one of the two of them to get 30 minutes a game before we get to the other big non-conference games.

Doesn’t look all that fixable to me : (

I still can’t get over that literally two seconds after Simpson came back in, he basically killed all the momentum with that foul.

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He’s thinking way too much. He’s a guy who could really emerge as the season goes on.

Lack of playmaking wing and completely inept PG threats are going to be very challenging to overcome against legitimate foes.

Bizarre how little we have to choose from at PG.

Then look at LSU Frosh Waters. Ouch.

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He needs to stop settling for threes and get to the rim. USE THAT ATHLETICISM!!!

Eh, if anyone can fix a shot it would be Beilein. I’m not too worried about that given that it seems like it was a new thing for this game. Like John said, it’s too bad that he doesn’t seem to be using the athleticism that he has.

Honestly, and this is just one game, but Brooks competed better against Waters than Z did. Brooks somehow stayed in front of him better.


Feel bad for Matthews. Impressive damn game, but he may have rushed that free throw. I think he made like 4 in a row.

Both Wagner and Matthews are the real deal.


But he’s been here for a while now. I just see no evidence that he’s got shooting talent.