Michigan/LSU Post Game Discussion

Sadly, some of our worst possessions came out of our timeouts.

Win against Cal/VCU and UCLA, play Texas and UNC close, and I think we’re still in a decent position to make the tourney. Shit happens, hopefully the guys learned something and will move on to the next challenge.

That iso on the baseline for Matthews was so dumb. No one cleared out so Charles hesitated and it threw the whole play off. Ugh, we will Hopefully learn from this.


Overall, I saw a lot to like as long as we can start winning some games. We showed some talent, and some guys I really paid attention to for the first time have some promise. I was reasonably impressed by our overall ability level, which made it that much more frustrating to see us lose by getting straight out out balled down the stretch. Frustrating to be this frustrated at 2 in the morning.

Every time we got up a few points, we always get too excited (same thing our football team does) and lose focus.

We did not have a killer instinct (because we have too many guys that are afraid to even look at the basket).

I was disappointed in our help defense down the stretch. Clamp down just a little harder and this was ours.

We had like three guys just standing around on that loose ball scramble play where that big guy made that 3.

Coach Beilein likes Brooks. I thought he was coming out after one turnover, but M called timeout and Coach Beilein slapped Brooks on the butt when they went back out on court.


He seems to grasp what we’re doing and as a true frosh. That was encouraging.

Everything that happened there was unspeakable. I love MAAR, but how the F*** did he not come up with that ball or get fouled???

Just walking around my apartment at 2:30 in the morning shouting F bombs.


Sat in the last row and still right on top the action.
Weird but a lot less upsetting watching in person opposed to tv.

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I generally find it less upsetting to be there in person. Everything seems more reasonable and like a perfectly possible outcome. On tv, you see the crucial possessions and the battles won and lost that much more clearly and you realize just how much went wrong while we were losing this game.


On tv I got to see two PGs run up and down the court and be afraid to shoot the ball or be aggressive, and one of those is in college for his 5th year. That’s just incredibly hard to understand for me.

Yeah that was absolutely ridiculous from Simmons. He didn’t even look at the basket when he had the ball.

Simmons is still searching to see where he fits in and where he’s supposed to be. You’ve got to give him time before even thinking of putting forward a verdict on what he’s going to be.

Many times for me it’s the announcers I find frustrating. I saw Dakisch was doing the game. I don’t think I would have wanted to listen to him as the lead slipped away

Didn’t have a big problem with his call down the stretch. They took it from us, his call reflected reality. If anything, I kind of felt like he was rooting for us. Argh, things looked so good when we fouled that kid out.

Didn’t see the game but sounds like we blew it.
I’m still convinced x will be a good pg once he gets comfortable out there. I’d like to just roll with him for the most part and let him build confidence.

I’ve been saying what you guys have did about Duncan for years. I’m ok with him off the bench but I’m convinced we ran Aubrey out of town after a bad start to his soph year, after a good frosh year. I get his d was atrocious but so is Duncan’s and I think at least Aubrey was athletic enough to learn to be serviceable on d.More so there is no doubt in my mind Aubrey would have developed into an elite scorer/ shooter for us and would have been much more reliable.I wish we had him bad now. I have beat this point to death but whenever I watch old highlights i see a offensive star there had we kept with him. We made the wrong choice between Duncan and him in terms of minutes/ who was the shooter on that roster. . hell im pretty certain he was better than Irvin on offense too.

I’m happy I didn’t see this game. I have a feeling I’m going to be very frustrated with this years team. I’m convinced the talents there but I could see them not finding the groove or their roles all year. I’m
Convinced the insistence on shooting threes will be our downfall this year. I get that’s beileins philosophy but there are times when you need to adjust your scheme to your talent. This year is one of them. We need to fast break a lot which will help x a lot in all facets and then Mathews and maar should be slashing a ton. Finally I’d run a ton of offense through moe on the block. This will work out much better than throwing up threes from weak or inconsistent shooters. We will get better quality threes
If we do the above anyways.

I thought they passed up some threes tonight to get into the paint. Seems Coach Beilein was telling them to force the issue with all the fouls being called

LSU shot 27/46 for the game. Every player that attempted a FG from the floor shot 50% or better.

Take away Waters and the rest of the Tigers were a combined 20/33.