Michigan FOOTBALL Moving Forward


The video didn’t work?


Keeps displaying some sort of error


Form seems fine normally but under pressure he forces things and everything about his delivery gets wonky. Also seems to throw off his back foot on roll outs, which I’m assuming Harbaugh will fix right away.


He’s got a very mechanically sound release and he has decent accuracy and a decent deep ball. His throws lack zip, though.


Kinda what I got out of it as well. Everything seems good, but nothing is exceptional that would push him into top 50 range, and he has some kinks to iron out throwing on the run.


Do you guys think any of this is adjusting to speed of the game for McCaffery? I remember hearing how accurate Peters was reputed to be, then watching the AA game last year thinking what the hell are they talking about initially, because he was horrible early on. Then in the third quarter he started putting it in tight windows to receivers and looked great.


Another name to keep an eye on is Dorian Thompson-Robinson. The kid is a baller. He is listed as a top 100 recruit as a Dual Threat QB despite being his teams backup last year.

With Tate Martell (2017 OSU commit) out of the picture, it will be interesting to see the type of year DTR has.


DTR is the #1 option on the board at QB currently


The folks at mgoblog think Fisch leaving for UCLA put us decently behind them for his services. That sucks, as I think getting him would mean 5-6 years of fantastic quarterback play between him and Peters.


Yeah, UCLA was DTR’s #1 or 2 already and he really likes Fisch. Although I could easily see Mora being gone after this year.


Appears Georgia insiders think Nico heads to the good guys.


Where did you read that? I like the sound of it.


247 Georgia


Oliver Martin commits to Michigan.


Beilein should look to the football coach as to how to recruit good players


Looking like Solomon and Collins are going blue too. Missing on Becton would be brutal, I really hope we can sway him by Wednesday.


Two different worlds.


Tired of hearing of this. The day that Harbaugh or any football coach not named Lane Kiffin has to recruit middle schoolers and their travel team coaches, maybe I’ll hear you out. Maybe.

Until then, I don’t expect to see Beilein climb a tree any time soon.


Lotta stuff from Sam Webb on the insider board today regarding our targets.

We’re looking VERY good for Collins and Solomon.

Michigan closed hard and made a great late impression on Becton, now looking like at least 50/50 with Virginia Tech, if not better for us. This is upgraded from “most likely not Michigan” yesterday.

Don’t get your hopes up at all for Gay.


Becton to Louisville. Huh.