Michigan FOOTBALL Moving Forward


I’m a huge fan of Chris Evans. Think if we had an O-line that just took up space and didn’t get pushed off the point of attack, he’d be able to do the rest. Like you said, he’s great in small spaces.

Before he kind of fell off at the end of last season, I thought Higdon was gonna be the back of the future though.


I’m actually most excited to see what Kareem Walker brings to the table. I read that he was very impressive during bowl practices and it sounds like his academics are in order and he’s ready to go for next season.


Apparently, Harbaugh told Nico we’ll be running a decent amount of Spread next year. Might seem laughable to some, but with Speight’s elusiveness in small spaces, I could see this actually happening.


The OL development has been a disappointment so I don’t know what to expect next season with the departures. I like Evans too but I’m not sure he has the durability to be an every down back behind an average to below average line.


Agreed. His production depends in large part on the OL


Heard the same thing, and I’m a little skeptical. I guess I could see some packages like what Peyton ran at Denver: a ton of gun with 3 WRs and a TE that can catch. I think “more spread” just meant a lot of go routes for the big fella


Alternatively, it could mean packages for Brandon Peters, who I hear is a better athlete than assumed. I’m of the belief that Speight will be the starter next year though.


I’d like to see that with a QB that is a threat to run with a draw play.


Peters may be that based on reports


Would be nice. Andrew Luck and Colin Kaepernick were both threats to run.


I saw UM practice down in St Pete during spring break last year. Even as a early enrollee, I was impressed by Brandon Peters overall physique. He has the look of a pro style QB and his arm certainly has a lot more velocity than Wilton’s.


Barring injuries I’m really skeptical McCaffrey ever plays until he’s a senior. If then. Reports are Peters is something special.


Michigan missed the arm strength this year with the run game getting shut down for periods of games. Last year even with Ruddock not having a real strong arm he had a quick enough release to get the ball out to the flat for wide receiver screens which was our run game at times last year. Speight can’t make those throws and hurt us this year. That play with either darboh or chesson were rarely shut down. Wouldve loved to see it this year with mcdoom in addition to darboh and chesson.


Agreed. Mccaffrey’s film doesn’t impress me and he just looks way too scrawny.


Same, which is why I think “more spread” just means more gun and more 3 WR sets. But, if Peters did win the job, then I could see some more Oregon spread vs Baylor spread.


Yeah we’re probably looking at more NFL type spreads as you mentioned


The rankings guys agree with y’all on McCaffrey. I was surprised when he dropped out of the top 100 but after watching his film I can’t say I disagree.


I haven’t watched his film, are his throwing mechanics funky (Speight), or is accuracy an issue (Morris), or a combination thereof?


He does very odd things under pressure. I just don’t think anything stands out as great, which lends to a non-top 100 4 star.


Film isn’t functional. Does he have happy feet like O’Korn…please tell me this isn’t the case.