Michigan FOOTBALL Moving Forward


Willie Gay to Mississippi State


Solomon to the good guys!!!


Solomon is the biggest get, for sure. We just pulled a 5-star DT from the Deep South that everyone wanted. Incredible.

Bummed about Gay, because I think he’s going to be a star and could have started day 1. Bummed about Becton because he’s a big body at a position where we need more depth. But Solomon is just such a huge pickup.


I don’t know much about football but are we getting any more impact kids today?


We are the current favorite to land Nico Collins, a compositive top 200 WR (and I believe, the highest rated player out of the state of Alabama). Georgia is the primary competition. He announces at 2:30


Congrats on Aubrey Solomon. He looks very good.


Is anyone else getting a message on the MGoBlog site to basically resign up under new Drupal instructions. I am too suspicious to proceed.


Cook said it was down and he’d address after podcast.


Thanks. I thought it seemed suspicious.



mgoblog staff made a brutal decision on shutting down the good mobile app. This is especially true when the old one is in a state of disrepair, one day before signing day. They say it’s because they don’t get profit from the mgoblog HD app but I see no reason why they couldn’t make a deal with the dev to charge an upfront cost and keep that. Lot’s of respect lost for them here. Anyways, although I couldn’t really follow due to that it seems like signing day went as well as we expected.


Most draft picks by college:
Michigan 11
Alabama 10
Miami 9
Florida 8
Utah 8


8 for Utah is super impressive


what time-frame?


This draft.