Michigan FOOTBALL Moving Forward

Last night was a sad game due to the loss and losing all the seniors. Loved guys like Jake Butt, Jourdan Lewis, Amara Darboh, Jehu Chesson and much more (Probably Jabrill Peppers also). Going to be tough moving forward losing so many starters. Who do you guys think will replace all these starters?

I’m sad to see all the seniors go except the O-Line. As many people on Twitter said, this was a potentially playoff caliber team except with a Brady Hoke line holding them back. The sooner they’re all gone the better.

Love the talent coming in.

The flop of the 2013 OLine class has been devestatin and will really rear its ugly head next year. The OLine is to be young and shallow.

My guess:

QB: Speight
RB: Evans
WR: Crawford
WR: Harris
Slot: McDoom
TE: Asiasi
Flex: Bunting
LT: Ulizio
LG: Bredeson
C: Cole
RG: Onwenu
RT: Bushell-Beatty

DE - Winovich
DT - Hurst
NT - Mone
DE - Gary
Viper - Metellus
Mike - McCray
Will - Devin Bush
CB - Hill
CB - Long
S - Kinnel
S - Hudson

I see about the same, though I think peoples jones plays ahead of Harris regardless of what the depth chart reads.

While we won’t be as exciting I think we end up 9-3 heading into the bowl game and are very excited for the 2018 season.

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Anywhere from 12-0 to 9-3 is in play in my opinion. If we beat Florida to open the year I see a pretty easy path to 6-0 before having to go into Penn State. The last half of the schedule has us @Penn State before we close up @Wisconsin and home against OSU. It’ll definitely be interesting to see how players develop this offseason.

I think 9-3 is the ‘true’ level. 7-5 could happen though. If we get by Florida then anything is possible. Glad we have state at home. @wisconsin will be tough. Osu and psu also super tough.

Weirdly this showed up in a different thread at first.

Yeah that was my bad. I had the forum open in 2 different tabs, looked up the schedule and clicked back on the wrong one.

Maybe. DPJ is real good but I wonder if people are getting too presumptuous about his ability to contribute immediately. All he ran in high school was screens and 9 routes so I wonder if he’s polished enough to be a starter right away. Frosh WRs rarely are impact players.

No worries

Ability trumps polish in small doses. I think he will impress. He’ll be the third option or worse but I’m hoping he makes impact plays. Kind of like manningham as a freshman.

Harris hasn’t shown enough to me to think he can hold him off. Blocking will potentially be a snap limiting issue though.

Michigan has had less difference-makers on offense and defense from a talent standpoint than the few elite teams. We’ve had to be so much better and consistent and not make mistakes to make up for that. This will change going forward and I think we’ll be as good as anybody.

You sure about that?

5* WRs the past two classes…

2016 Demetris Robertson 767 yards 7 TDs
2015 Calvin Ridley 1045 yards 7 TDs
2015 Deon Cain 582 yards 5 TDs
2015 Christian Kirk 1009 yards 7 TDs
2015 Tyron Johnson 150 yards 1 TD
2015 George Campbell 42 yards 0 TD

He probably won’t be up for the Biletnikoff award as a freshman, but I think it’s reasonable to predict he is top two on the team in receiving yards in 2017. It’s not that rare for blue-chip 5* WRs to be able to step in and start day one.

I would say the same thing but I’d switch Ulizio to Newsome at left tackle and I’m gonna go ahead and guess that Clark gets a 6th year and starts at one of the corner spots. Also I can’t say I expect it but I hope Peters is able to jump Speight.

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I think Filiaga starts at a tackle spot if we land him (and I think we will land him).

TE will be interesting. I’m sure the trio of Asiasi, Bunting, and Wheatley will see similar amounts of snaps.

I think WR snaps will be led be 1. Crawford, 2. DPJ, 3. McDoom, 4. Harris.

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My guess 2 deep:
QB: Speight, Peters/O’Korn
RB: Evans, Isaac/Walker/Higdon/Johnson
WR: Crawford, Harris
WR: Peoples-Jones, Ways
Slot: Perry, McDoom
TE: Bunting, Asiasi/Wheatley
LT: Cole, Ulizio
LG: Bredeson
C: Ruiz, Kugler
RG: Onwenu, Runyan
RT: Newsome, Bushell-Beatty

DE - Winovich, Marshall
DT - Hurst, Dwumfour
NT - Mone, Hudson
DE - Gary, Vilian
Viper - Metellus, Glasgow
Mike - McCray, Furbush
Will - Devin Bush,
CB - Clark, Long
CB - Hill, Thomas
Slot- Watson, Washington
S - Kinnel, Woods
S - Hudson, Metellus

K/P- Nordin

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I think Newsome is done… his injury was baaaaad. Spent over a month in the hospital. At the very least it seems like he won’t ever be near 100% next year. I would definitely put him at LT if healthy.


Last I heard Harbaugh said the plan is for him to be out through Spring practice but that he’ll be back for the season, but that was pretty early on. It might’ve been worse than they thought.

Could also see incoming freshman Cesar Ruiz playing center moving Mason Cole back to Left Tackle and Grant Newsome on the right side if healthy