Michigan FOOTBALL Moving Forward


I hope not, we need Solomon bad. Nico is just a luxury, but Aubrey fills a necessity.


I’d personally rather have DPJ/Martin/Black over DPJ/Collins/Black. Martin compliments DPJ and Black perfectly IMO.

Which is a good thing because Martin is going to end up at Michigan.


All four would be cool, too.


I’m not a football expert by any stretch, but based on the AA game film, I’m a pretty big fan of Martin.


Yeah and with Grant Perry’s future in question we could use some depth out of the slot.


So disgusted by that, he really showed some potential as a slot as well. With Black in the mix, Nico just seems like icing on the cake to me. I’m a big fan of Martin, think he was a bit underrated.


Some with inside sources think that he might have (silently) committed prior to visiting this weekend.

Tufele looks to be going to Utah.
Gay looks to be going to LSU
Solomon is trending to Michigan but same schools and same vibe as the Najee recruitment.
Becton is 50/50.
Collins I’m not sure.

Give me Martin, Solomon, and Becton and I’ll be pretty stoked.


Martin is a great late addition. Obviously we need Solomon, in addition to him being the best talent left on the board. I thought Becton was leaning VT? Collins seems to be all Georgia at this point, no?


I’m hoping that Collins is just trolling Georiga.

I’m pretty sure Becton is leaning more towards Michigan actually, but the Crystal Balls don’t seem to agree.


Ehhh, I don’t put much stock into the CB. We need Becton for depth, even though its unlikely that he plays for a few years. Would love to have a guy like that, if only for the fact that he’s 6’7/350? With Harbaugh and Frey around I’ll take that.


I posted on MGoBlog when someone said that our lines would be similar in size to Hoke’s recruits.

A Hoke offensive line with his top rated recruits:

OT Kalis 6’5 300

OG Bosch 6’5 305

C Kugler 6’4 270

OG Dawson 6’4 280

OT Magnuson 6’6 275

Harbaugh offensive line from his first 3 classes (actually 2.5 classes):

OT Newsome 6’6 290

OG Bredeson 6’5 307

C Ruiz 6’3 315

OG Onwenu 6’6 360

OT Filiaga 6’6 335


With Gay, we have to hope that Mom puts her foot down. She doesn’t want LSU, and if she forbids it, it sounds like Michigan would be the compromise choice.


From my understanding, mom wants Mississippi state first then Michigan. So if she prevents Gay from picking LSU, we have to beat out MSST.


If Newsome heals by 2018, awesome. Otherwise with Becton we would have an offensive line of 350/307/315/360/335

Average weight: 333



We simply have to get better on the interior OL to improve the run game. Based on everything I’ve read, Ruiz seems to be a big upgrade in that department. Perhaps the best since Molk?


But doesn’t Gay prefer UM over MSU?


Also, with a O-line of that girth, we could very quickly be the Pittsburgh Steelers of college football. Everyone says Wilton has the pocket presence of a Ben Roethlisburger, now we just need our Le’Veon and Antonio Brown.


Unknown. If he doesn’t end up at LSU, I think he picks Starkville.


If you give Chris Evans 2-3 yard before contact on a consistent basis, he’s going for over 1000 next year. His footwork in small space is superb. While he’s not elite in terms of straight line speed, he’s probably in the high 4.5s…which is enough to not get caught from behind very often.


I read somewhere the he is the highest rated Center recruit in the past 10 years.

It will be interesting to see how Harbaugh does things this year. I feel like it’s a shallow but versatile group.