Michigan at Wisconsin Discussion Thread


You think it was a smart play. I don’t.


I think it was an acceptable play. I think the refs should be ashamed of themselves. Garbage.


Charles Matthews accounted for half of the team’s turnovers today. If he doesn’t have a step on his man already, his straight line drives to the hoop have gone absolutely nowhere lately.

Really needs to work on getting to pull-up and step back mid range jumpers. He shoots it well when in rhythm, and it’s a shot he can get to with just a couple dribbles, so it negates the fact that he’s a poor ball handler. Would help diversify his game in the half court.



Agreed. Very acceptable defense there by Wagner with a huge miss by the refs.


Wisconsin fans thought they were screwed by the refs in that game. Every play: “That’s a travel!!111!!”


They’re nuts. There was a stretch in the second half where the game was called fairly, but the refs were brutal (in favor of the home team) near the end of the first half and down the stretch.


Happ has made an artform of pushing without extending his arm. Really hides it from the refs. I’m no rules expert, but I’d have to think his constant use of his off-arm is illegal in most cases, no?

Regardless, good win and fantastic 1st half on both ends. Go Blue!


He used that off arm against Moe several times today, and, you’re right, it was NEVER called. I thought the officiating was bad. I absolutely SCREAMED at the officials through my TV three times, and yelled more quietly a couple more times, but I’m not an impartial judge of officials because I HATE officials. OK, I jest, there’d be no game without them, but sometimes they affect the outcome (Purdue!) and sometimes they just take kids out of the game and I think that’s criminal. OK, not criminal, but really bad.


Hey Chip, GO BLUE!!!



Loved “The answer man” quote on MAAR!


Interesting Duncan/Team stat from Zach Shaw on Twitter:


Uhhh, ya think the kid is pretty important to the team’s success? Don’t answer that, folks, I’m afraid too many people, Duncan detractors, will say “no” and I really don’t understand that sentiment!


Just something about a designated shooter getting going! His 3 points counts the same as Moe or MAAR splashing, but it just feels different when Duncan is hitting them. Positive flows across the team.


I agree, Maize I’ve just been waiting for him to start lighting it up. Fun to watch him today! :slightly_smiling_face:


I thought there were about 4 or 5 missed traveling calls.


Let’s just say this, the day Wisconsin gets screwed at the Kohl Center is the day I sprout wings and fly.


I saw that Simmons and Watson got minutes, how did they look?


Watson played five minutes and attempted no FG. That is a good thing for him IMO as he is usually a black hole on offense.

Simmons had a turnover and a 3. He just looks afraid to make a mistake out there. And I don’t really blame him as JB has a quick hook with him.