Michigan at Wisconsin Discussion Thread


Let’s see if Wagner is able to dominate matchup with Happ. He should!! A year ago Wagner had difficulty with Happ defensively; hopefully Wagner is up to the challenge this year. Wilson was much more effective against Happ in BIG championship game.

I want Wagner to be first team all conference dammit. At this point I wouldn’t trade any Center in league for him.


What’s Livers’ status for the Wisconsin game?

Sorry guys, I’ll be at this game and I believe that I am 0-6 when attending a Michigan athletics true road game.


Beilein supposed to talk to the media today on a teleconference and we should know more.

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I think Charles is going to start getting going and cookin again, beginning with tomorrow’s game :wink:


Wagner “should” dominate Happ?
I’d like to smoke some of what you have.


We’ll likely struggle…again…but should squeeze a win out in the end. After Happ, Wisconsin has a huge drop-off. The Badgers are BAD like they haven’t been in a long time.

Physically he should. Happ is crafty but limited upside imo. No way he can guard Wagner one on one

Wagner can’t guard Happ either.

Hasn’t been able too. This is a new year and I’m hopeful for better results. Certainly Wagner is more talented in my biased opinion. Lately Wagner has been dominating opposing 5’s not named Haas.
Wagner is the leader of this team at this time, I think he’s come to the realization he’s the best player on team; sure is acting like it. I liked when he kicked the chair immediately after the final whistle against NW. he ain’t playin’.
This is a great individual matchup and I’m really looking forward to it

Love this. Wonderful young man, loads of talent, humble Really glad he decided to play for the “good guys!” I believe Coach B is the best man to help him in his quest to get to the NBA, but if that doesn’t work out, that cooking thing looks like it would be a great fallback plan. I can see it now Charles’ Place, Fine Steaks and Seafood! Maybe after the NBA! I wish this young man and all of our kids everything good! Oh, just to stay on task with the thread, looking for a good game from Charles tomorrow, 15 and 7 with 3 or 4 assists, and his usual hard work and hustle on the defensive end!


I like the optimism. I hope you are right. I’m just a huge Happ slappy.
If Wagner can just play Happ to a stalemate (IMO a very tall task), then we win this rather easily.


Anyone know how to stream CBS games on your phone? I’ve never figured that channel out and I have to work all afternoon

Maybe thru the CBSSports app?

From your keyboard to God’s ears!

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Had to just follow my score app as I was at an event, how are we feeling about that game?

Great win. Dominated from the get go.
I would highly recommend not fouling on difficult 3’s while icing a game


Not disappointed with that effort. If we would have defended Happ better in the second half, we probably maintain that 20 point lead. But they also got hot shooting down the stretch.