Michigan at Wisconsin Discussion Thread


Simpson had a good game but it’s becoming impossible to play him at end of game.
Wisconsin not very good but a win on the road is awesome.
Wagner and Robinson played well


Can’t blame Moe for drawing a foul for getting kicked. Refs got punked on that one. I’m sure there will be video of that play on here eventually.


Shouldn’t have put himself in that situation. That is not winning basketball. Go get the rebound because chance of that shot going in is very low


The refs are OUT OF CONTROL.

I mean, they couldn’t get them the game, but what a vile example of cooperative home court cooking.

That last 3 point foul call was RIDICULOUS.

They tried to turn the game late in the first half with a couple of ridiculous charge calls and then just blatantly let Wisconsin bump the dribbler or the rebounder and no foul call on a play that’s a foul on the road team 20 times out of 20.

In the end game, it was like, “is that a foul you want? Oh, that’s not the one you want? Okay, not blowing a foul. Oh, now you want a foul? Just let us know and we’ll blow the whistle if you can breath on the guy. Is that the man you want to send to the line? Ok, BLEEP!”

I really don’t even know that they managed to foul Watson, but they sure as hell blew that as fast as they could. Was great to see Ibi make them eat that one. We allowed a wide open 3 in a late sequence (think it could have cut things to 5, so that was scary), but we mostly overcame the Badgers, the crowd, and the refs.

Coach B has got to get right with when Z can and can’t be on the floor. You couldn’t leave him out after the first missed front end when you knew we had one more 1-1 to go.


Seems like we got almost no stops in the 2nd half. Wisconsin scores 50 after scoring 22 in the first 1st half. Some of that was good offense by Wisconsin but if we would have played better defense in the 2nd half, it would have been an easy 20 point win. Nevertheless, it was a good win and a nice bounce back performance.

Wagner played an excellent game. Rahk was his usual steady self. The bench contributed and it was great to see Duncan nail a bunch of 3’s.


A lot of that was Happ becoming unguardable and the defense getting distorted to try to react to him. Thought we should have transitioned to a much more proactive set of doubles whenever Happ had it in the paint instead of the reactive doubles that come too late and make everyone’s rotation one rotation late.


Coach Beilein just said on radio that he doesn’t have a very smart basketball team sometimes.


College basketball is horrible when fouls are rampant at end of games. If it weren’t Michigan I couldn’t have watched that


Poole’s foul was truly stupid, but the refs giving that foul on Moe, just absurd.


With about 50 seconds left in the game, it was 2:59 p.m. and I asked on the game thread, “Will this game end before 3:05?”

It ended at 3:06. The last 50 seconds of game action took seven minutes to play.


Still dumb play by Wagner.


Poole doesn’t make dumb plays he’s sloppy and irresponsible


Won’t look like much on the resume but that was a great win. Real proud of them for avoiding the trap which would have looked real bad on the resume. It’s still the kohl center though and it’s still Ethan happ so you never know what could have happened if we came out flat and match their intensity.

Very proud of ibi by the way. Hasn’t played much and has kind of fell out of the rotation, and he comes in while everyone’s bricking free throws again and calmly hits two of them to pretty much end the game. I was pretty convinced he’d only hit one or brick them both in that situation. Hadbt realky shot all day and certainly not in the second half so he comes on cold with no feel and pressure mounting as everyone’s missing. Hits the both. Awesome ibi. I’m still convinced if he sticks around that he can be a nice bench wing as an upperclassmen. I’m pretty sure I’m alone on this board with that thought though. He reminds me of z last year a bit. Just looks nervous/ hesitant. I know everyone did he’s been given chances and hasn’t come through and I agree but I still think he’s a guy who has to feel comfy and he allowed to play through his struggles if he stays abs gera 10-15 I’m confident he becomes a nice option.


I don’t really feel that way. Moe was in perfect position to contest and not foul. That’s grade A horse crap from the refs.


Play that really irked me was Happ running over Wagner with no call and Wisconsin ending up with open 3


I mean, you can’t not call that on Haps and call the other offensive fouls on UM. It’s just so transparent.


Yep. You want to contest shots without fouling. That’s exactly what he did. Doubt any coach wants you to let the player you’re guarding not even contest the shot (unless you’re up 4 and it’s a last second shot).


To be fair, other than Z we shot 18-22 on FTs (and two misses were by Ibi himself, earlier in the game).


When you are running at a three point shooter hoisting up a prayer, I wouldn’t call that perfect position in any way shape or form. It was dumb


He had his entire body away from the shooter’s body. He left no part of his body in the air space to create a foul. Except by the Wisconsin shooter throwing his leg out behind his back. Even Steph Curry would have been ashamed of that one. It’s just nonsense.