Michigan at Wisconsin Discussion Thread


Ibi got a couple nice rebounds, but with both of those guys, it’s get rid of the ball quickly before doing something stupid. Surprised Brooks is behind Simmons again. He must have hit the freshman wall and/or is broken mentally.


I actually thought Simmons played well… his one turnover was a carrying call… carries don’t always get called so tough break… his three he knocked down with some confidence


I think the same thing…if it weren’t Michigan, no way I could have watched the entire last three minutes. Very tedious basketball. Unfortunately, with our free throw shooting, we need to be ready for more of the same.


New Rule: If you foul in the back-court after a make in the last 3 minutes, it’s 3 shots, regardless of bonus.


I, too, thought Jaaron played pretty well. He does carry the ball but, as you said, it’s just a matter of whether the officials are going to call it. After the carrying call he did clean it up. I loved seeing him hit the three. That had to help his confidence. I also thought he worked really hard on defense and was solid. Good for him and good for us.


Agree to disagree. He’s closest to the shooter. His job is to close out without fouling.

Moe got kicked.



I agree that I thought Simmons played like a serviceable back up point guard. Carrying was a good call and it looks to me like he carries a lot when dribbling. I could see it being an issue if he gets more time.

I like JB giving him another look. If he has that pull-up mid-range game that he supposedly came in having that could be a huge boost to us. Or the ability to give us another ball handler/FT shooter late in games because its become apparent we can’t have Z in the game.


Agreed. I don’t mind being patient with him because he does have some talent that he has shown in the past that this team could really use.



1- What do you make of Beilein’s subbing in the 1st half? Anything behind so many guys getting time and the interesting combinations? Just doesn’t seem like his style. Wondering if there is/was more to the story behind the scene.

2- On TV Livers looked to have a significant limp and tough time standing. Thoughts? Could be out awhile?




Not Dylan, but I was curious about the substitution also. Playing everybody was almost like saying we have this game won in the first half, which is not at all like Beilein. Some of it might be from Livers being out so he had to play two bigs which required Davis to play some backup minutes at the 5. Also, Matthews had foul trouble early.


Are you referring to Davis playing? That was because Teske had 2 fouls and they needed to give Moe a blow and Happ is a load and it is okay burning fouls on him IMO.

Ibi played a bit late because Matthews had 2 and they probably wanted a different look than Poole.

Simmons vs. Brooks it seems like we go back and forth.


Here’s my question, why does it matter if Teske has two fouls and even fouls out? I never understand keeping your bench players out of foul trouble.

I feel like you ride with Teske with foul trouble. If for some reason, he fouls out, and Moe fouls out, oh well. What are the chances that happens?


I was wondering how Davis would stack up against Happ and was happy to get to see it. He’s probably the strongest of our bigs and I’d hoped he would have held his ground against Happ a little better than the others.

I do wish JB would have put Brooks in during that first half. You have enough of a lead and it just seems to me that the teams flows better with Eli than Simmons.


I believe they did play him some with 2 fouls. He just also wasn’t playing all that well. I didn’t think it was a big issue to give Davis a shfit in a game where it is such a battle defending Happ every possession.


I also was intrigued by the substitution pattern in the first half. I’m pretty sure I saw what people were calling for early in the year, Moe and Teske in together. I think JB saw an opportunity to get a lot of kids in, and hopefully enjoy a great team win where everyone contributes. I know it’s college basketball, but it can be tough for those bench players who go to practice everyday and work their tails off for the good of the team, who cheer like crazy on the bench and pat guys on the back and encourage them, but don’t get to contribute much, or at all, on the floor in games. I think if you can get those guys in, especially in the first half, and if it doesn’t change momentum, that’s good for the whole team. Then, too, of course not having Isaiah had something to do with his substitutions. I really thought Ibi would play, and he did. Again, unless I’m mistaken I thought Moe played a little at the four with JT at the five. I was really happy for Jaaron, and hope he’s able to settle in and contribute. I’m sure AD works incredibly hard in practice and wanted to give him a shot, too, when he could. I KNOW it’s college basketball. Ultimately it’s about winning. But his subbing in the first half didn’t hurt momentum or negatively affect the outcome at all. I thought it was good. It certainly may be good for overall team morale.


Surprised you didn’t think Teske was playing all that well. I thought he forced Happ into some tough shots using his length. Happ unfortunately made them but Happ is so good down low. Nothing groundbreaking, I agree, but good sub minutes I thought.

Beilein made the same sub at MSU. I can understand it more there, where Teske picked up two quick fouls and Moe didn’t have enough time to rest. In this game, I’d rather just see Teske stay out there. He brought Moe in for Teske then Davis in for Moe, so just seemed he was trying to get Teske to half with two fouls.


I was surprised/disappointed at how easily Happ was backing Teske down. Teske is a big dude, but every time Happ got the ball on the post away from the basket, he was able to move Teske down underneath the basket for an easier shot.


Ok, I just watched the presser for the first time. Moe and Teske DID play together as I thought. Moe’s reaction when asked about that was so funny. In fact Moe’s facial expressions while always funny were hilarious in this press conference. Even MAAR and Duncan were laughing. I did notice Moe coughing. Sure hope he isn’t coming down with something!


I think it was part strategy and part bad defense at times. Teske can’t hang with Happ outside the paint so he would’ve gotten beat off the dribble if he tried to get physical outside the paint. Happ is too crafty.

Seemed like he was mostly inviting Happ to get under the basket and then try to use his length to defend him from there. It worked well the first few possessions but Happ got him later.

Here’s the clip of the game. Seems like his first possession defending Happ exemplified it best, although Happ extended his arm too ha. Head to the 8:55 mark: