Michigan at Michigan State Discussion Thread


I’m very happy with how Flizzo maneuvered his personnel.


Appreciate that! Glad you’re enjoying the content


It would be great to find out the points per possession Michigan has over the years for all of those possessions right after MSU players slap the floor versus when they don’t slap the floor. It really feels like them slapping the floor somehow magically increases our odds of scoring.


Great college basketball game. Two very good teams slugging it out.
Great job by Robinson. I think less will yield more with Robinson going forward.


Winston will always have his hands full with Simpson. When your opponent is quicker and stronger than you, plus very determined and well coached, you are going to have your work cut out for you. I’ve been looking forward to this matchup for weeks, and thoroughly enjoyed it…


I think there is some logic to not switching Jackson onto Wagner - is there evidence Jackson is a good heads up defender? He’s great at swooping in from nowhere and swatting one to the bleachers - that’s hard to do heads up. Anyway it’s hard to arguenhe didn’t have a defensive impact on this game.


I really like the way Winston plays. He is about as deceptive as they come. Wonderful handle and vision. I believe his physical shortcomings have forced him to learn to become an extremely tricky player. I also think he is one of the worst defensive players in the big ten. His huge physical limitations are masked on the offense end because his offensive skills are pretty much maxed out.

Like you said. A very good defender, like Z, who like tonight put a lot of intensity into the game, is just always going to be a nightmare for Winston. I am so glad Z won the battle so decisively!


I hate looking back, but we could so damn easily be 18-1 right now. Love this group.


Yeah, I am going to try to be more Zen like JB. He acts like he doesn’t even care if we make the tournament. Whatever happens happens–just play your best… I wish I could go that deep into zen mode. Hahaha.


It seems pretty clear we are playing at top 15 quality, and we’re only getting better. Good times.


I think this is a good point. Duncan has always seemed to play better off the bench.


(Side benefit to the win, don’t have to hear about that Schilling dunk or see it from their fans)


No kidding

Holy moly that was a play.

Also glad that from this point forward I can enjoy watching Jackson play - he’s like a condor.


I honestly forgot about it until watching the highlights just now. What a dunk.

Jackson was so freaking impressive. The way he looked, I would take him if I had a top 5 pick.


Maybe he gets in foul trouble, but he’s had his moments as a one on one defender. He’s longer than any MSU defender, moves better laterally. I don’t think Moe would drive by him easily. Just my two cents.


Jackson better than I anticipated. He’s really good. Reminds me of a young Danny Manning the way he moves around out there


Any word on MAAR’s ankle? Rolled it late in the game but I believe he finished. Hoping it’s nothing serious, especially with short rest before Maryland.



He was back on the floor after the timeout so I’m guessing it wasn’t anything too serious.


It was a pretty sweet dunk


The Kenpom comps in the matchup article are an impressive list regarding draft stock and pro future.