Michigan at Michigan State Discussion Thread


My only guess is that he didn’t want to “go small” because they have very few quality backcourt players. And he didn’t like the matchup of his other 4 men against Livers or Robinson that would be needed to keep Bridges at the 3.


Some people think so


Whoever had Tillman outscoring Ward and having more blocks, run to 7/11 and buy an EZ pick lotto ticket tonight.



IMO, Winston would be a B10 POY candidate under Beilein. Izzo destroys his point guards.


That “only colors” article is…priceless! :blush:


I am guessing that they expected a blowout. As someone with lots of experiences in a student section, it makes sense to me. It’s tougher to be loud when you’re struggling against what you perceive to be an inferior team.

Also, the reffing probably took the crowd out of it. Lots of stoppage in action. There also were no real runs. The largest lead of the game was 5. I think the biggest “run” that happened was a late 9-2 run for Michigan to break open the final big lead.


Not sure how any player whose calling is to play in a ball-screen offense could pick MSU over UofM. Dont want to sell short how great Winston has been, before this game; but I agree, he could’ve been a legend with ridiculous stats and efficiency, playing for JB


Thank you for the link, Dylan. The schadenfreude is so satisfying today.


Maybe, but I’m happy as hell that we don’t have to deal with his defense.


From what I’m aware of, Winston was leaning Michigan the whole way, but he canceled a visit to UM in order to go to a school dance instead. After that, JB got spooked about how long the recruitment was dragging out and decided to take the bird in the hand with Simpson instead. Didn’t want another Tyus Battle situation.


I definitely get why JB took Simpson, hard to pass on a top 60 pg who’s breaking down the doors to come play for you. I just dont get why Winston took as long as he did (of course there’s a million factors that I’m not aware of, but still)


Also, shout out to @umhoops, @OrionSang, and Ethan for an absolutely impeccable three day stretch of basketball coverage on the blog.


^^^ this. Especially cant believe how much content you guys have already put out, since the game finished.


Yeah, idk why he dragged it out so long either when both schools recruited him since he was an freshman, but as a U of D alum I always went to watch him play a lot and heard a lot about his recruitment. I always heard he was leaning for U of M… So I feel good about that info,

Was a very weird recruitment.


But then I guess you would have Ward trying to defend Livers on the corner threes? That’s probably not ideal for them either, though of course of the two Mo is far more likely to have a huge game.


Gotta love this:

“It’s awesome when they slap the floor, the crowd goes wild, and then you hit one and everybody’s silent again,” Wagner said. “It’s kind of cool.”


I think Dylan was suggesting they bench Ward and go small. Either way that’s troublesome since they’d have to give McQuaid minutes.

Either way, I’d rather risk the Ward-Livers matchup then the Ward-Wagner matchup. Make the frosh make plays rather than the junior star who is going off on you.


You play Bridges at the four, Jackson at the five. I don’t care whether you put Tum Tum or McQuaid at the 2, but I’m pretty confident that Jaren Jackson would give Moe Wagner fits.


I was surprised they didn’t play Schilling more minutes. He’s their best ‘true 5’ defending the PNR IMO.