Michigan at Michigan State Discussion Thread

12 p.m. FOX. Saturday.

Spartans in action tonight against Rutgers if you want to check them out.

Just hoping it goes to quintuple OT.

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I would be surprised if MSU’s lead is under 10 after the first 10 minutes of tonight’s Rutgers game.

Anyone else think M is just as athletic as MSU with Livers on the floor in place of Robinson?
I’m fired up for Simpson v Winston, and really every matchup on the floor.
This is a great matchup, and I have no doubt the M players believe they cannot only compete, but beat MSU

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There’s one!

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Wow, 1/5th of the way there. I almost thought beforehand maybe MSU would be looking ahead to UM but I didn’t think Izzo would allow it after their loss…

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Perhaps we catch these buggers in a vulnerable spot. Can’t wait to read Dylan’s preview.

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I dunno, if anything Izzo’s mania in practice might reach new heights leading up to the game. Rutgers might not have done Michigan any favors after all.

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Who knows maybe he’ll call them all p^##ies and kick 'em out of practice, which I’ve personally witnessed him doing, by the way. OK, it was only one player, a freshman, and it was several years ago, but still the guy, at least back when I had the opportunity to a attend a practice, IS the wild man we all think he is. If this, while true, isn’t approriate, Dylan, just delete it. I know this site is infinitely more classy than that other one that ends in blog, which I sometimes can’t even read because the comments get to be so ridiculous and completely off topic.


Some on here would say he needs to be suspended for a month after such a heinous act lmao.

I had the chance to chat with Izzo for awhile after my basketball team faced U of D while Cassius was there. He obviously whines a TON during games and press conferences and pushes his players very hard, but he’s quite a nice guy in person. If he was abusive to his players in any way I don’t think they’d sing his praises after he left.

Now, that being said, he still sucks at getting players to the NBA and there is 15 years of evidence to back that up no matter how much MSU fans want to vehemently say otherwise.


Went in-depth on the matchups here…


Did you save anything for the preview? One thing I’d like to see is us attack Winston on the defensive end. Getting Winston and Ward involved in PnR defense could have a lot of value.

Ha! Will still have the preview (minus the personnel section) and a post over at The Athletic as well.

Great, look forward to it.

Anybody have comparisons for Livers?
I’ll throw our a young Dan Majerle. Thunder Dan!!
Athletic, 6’6” 220 lbs can shoot the three. Lot of upside.

Majerle sat out his first season at CMU, some type of injury, and was mostly an inside player early in his college career. If I recall correctly he was bigger, more muscular, as a freshman in college, than in his NBA days.

What matchup are we most optimistic about? Gotta hope Moe can get the best of Ward but I’m not sold that will actually happen after the last couple of weeks. I guess MAAR attacking Langford might be one to take advantage of? If we had a point guard that could create his own offense off the dribble I would like our chances a lot more…seems like Winston’s defense is the weak link but I’m not sure we have an answer there.

The key to Michigan having a chance is pulling Ward away from the hoop in the ball screen game.

3-5, 1-5, 2-5… Run all of the ball screens and challenge MSU.

If Livers/Duncan are hitting threes, Jackson can’t camp out at the rim. That’s a big if and that’s a big if that Jackson can’t cover both with his length.


post up jackson and pass out to the 3-pt shooters?

Even bigger (6’7" 230) according to the official roster. Sucks that it took 9 years for Beilein to get his first true stretch 4 to pan out in Wilson, but we’re looking at a decent stretch of incredibly good play there with Wilson, Livers, and Johns.

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