Michigan at Michigan State Discussion Thread


Jackson is a stud. He’s so good right now, sky is really the limit for him I think.


Great read…


Their entire lineup has some ridiculous kenpom comparisons in their two years.

Winston: Kendall Marshall, Jawun Evans, Jordan Farmer
Langford: No
Bridges: Tobias Harris, Ryan Anderson, Sam Dekker, Dillon Brooks
Ward: DeMarcus Cousins, Cliff Alexander, Thomas Robinson
Jackson: Myles Turner, Karl-Anthony Towns, Zach Collins, Steven Adams, Joel Embiid


The highlights at mgoblue are always a pleasure, and the entire game is available to rewatch at mgoblog.


He tends to break all of his players down and then tries to rebuild them in his image. Kind of cult like.


I wonder if we benefitted from it being a noon game? Maybe if it were later in the day, their fans would have “prepared” a little more?


Note from Quinn’s story I linked above: Michigan State never scored more than 7 consecutive points. Hard to get too amped when the visiting team has answers.


Have heard hints of this for some time. Messy, to say the least.


I think he has the potential to be the second best MSU player in NBA history. Once he fills out and refined his skills, he’s gonna be nasty.


I’m trying to think of who holds that distinction now? Draymond? Kevin Willis? Jason Richardson? I guess probably Steve Smith. Think Jackson has an uphill battle to be as good as Steve Smith.


Maybe Zach Randolph. He’s been a good player for a long time.

It’s not a given at all. But you can see the athleticism and skill oozing out of him on both sides of the court.


For sure, really wish he had come here.


My bet is that he won’t even consider going to the NBA after this year, even if he’s projected as a top 10 pick. What does Izzo do to keep his best players roped in?


By the way, JB is now 8-6 against Izzo over the last 8 years.



8-7 to be exact


Thanks for the correction. And I believe, then, that it’s 8-11 overall? Sure would be a nice little thing if JB could get an overall winning record against MSU, which would be pretty impressive considering where the programs were when JB showed up.


If Caris’s foot had cooperated his junior and senior years, he might have a winning record against them right now…


Not sure Mo needs much to be highly motivated, but I have a brief anecdotal interaction that might suggest extra motivation against MSU and perhaps Ward. It was at Moneyball the Summer of 2016. Despite the inclusion of players from other colleges, Moneyball is first, second and third an MSU event. Anyways, U of M players were participating for the first time. I was there for the 2nd or 3rd set of games. Irvin and Walton had already bailed. Mo sat down next to me after his game, when I quietly said “lotta touches there, I see”—because he got almost none. [Ward was on the other team and an incoming freshman, but somehow he got touches.] . Mo–talking to a stranger–had no problem agreeing and expressing his frustration. Mo never came again–and I’m not sure any Michigan player did.


Not sure if it’s been talked about above, but here’s a legitimate question. Which team has had the better season thus far - Michigan or Michigan State?

Michigan got blown out at UNC and MSU beat them on a neutral court. That gets mitigated a bit by the fact MSU got blown out at OSU while Michigan lost a close one they should’ve had.

In my opinion, Michigan win yesterday >> LSU + Purdue loss. Michigan to me is having a better season.

If you want to use the ‘ol resume RPI metric, MSU is at 26 and Michigan is right behind at 32.

For those that say “who cares”, trust me I agree haha! However, this is a good question and answer to run by your Spartan friends and coworkers because there’s validity to it, given all their hype and “wait until basketball” talk some of us went through.