Michigan at Michigan State Discussion Thread



Take that Flizzo. VENI, VIDI, VICI


Izzo really said “if you look at the guys that beat us, it was one sophomore, Simpson, but the rest were juniors and seniors”.

We played 3 freshmen, 4 sophomores, 1 junior and our 2 seniors combined to shoot 4-13 from the field.


Lol, I’m sure he’ll be upset when he realizes pretty much everyone who made a big impact for us this game will be back next year.



How much better has Bridges gotten by coming back? He should in no way be a lottery pick.


Probably a bad career move, but I still respect that he came back to try and win after seeing the potential of the team. Although at this point it doesn’t look like the team is reaching that potential.


I was watching the first half with two MSU fans and they were talking about how young MSU is. I pointed out that at that moment in the game we were playing 3 freshman, 1 red shirt freshman, and 1 senior in MAAR who was barely even ranked coming out of high school.

Jackson can leave. Bridges can stay or leave. I don’t care. MSU is not beating us next year.



Bridges might’ve cost himself a lot of money coming back because this season is playing out just as you’d have worried about (for him). His 3pt shooting is way down (now under 33%) and looks kinda ugly, and overall he looked better going at 4s last year than 3s this year.


Let the excuses commence!! The most foul-averse team in the conference found itself in the anti-bonus 5 minutes into both halves, and Izzo still lived in the refs’ ears. Just take your lumps, Izzo, because you’re a great coach who got out-coached by a great coach.


I will never say anything bad about Bridges. Seems like a great kid who came back to school for all the right reasons. Izzo’s management and ability to put him in a spot to succeed? I’ll slam that all day, it’s a joke that he is used exclusively as a small forward. But I think it’s fair to say we should wait until March is over before deciding whether or not he made the right decision.

Now if Jaren Jackson comes back to school next year, I might lose my damn mind lol


100% spot on!!!


He seems like a punk to me. Always flapping his gums, gets angry after he gets fouled at times.


Watch Jackson stay and we lose our whole freshmen class to the draft after late season blow ups :wink:


Give Bridges a couple of years away from Izzo and then Bridges will be back on track.


JB giving a shoutout to a trainer within the first minute of the press conference following his biggest win of the season: just dripping with class. I love my coach.


Tell an MSU fan that Izzo is bad at getting guys to the NBA and get physically threatened over the internet, it’s pretty funny.


I’m still in disbelief that MSU never put Jackson on Wagner. Izzo says he didn’t use him there because he was worried about foul trouble. That is like buying a Ferrari and driving a Civic because you don’t want it to get dinged.


On the topic of coaching, Beilein called a damn perfect timeout after MSU had a quick spurt to pull within two late and the crowd started getting into it.

And as a side note to that, is the Izzone way worse than they used to be or was that just me?