Michigan at Michigan State Discussion Thread


That was a very satisfying win.


With the exception of about 3-5 teams I think we can compete with anyone.


Not sure what my favorite part of that game was - Z completely outplaying Winston, Wagner abusing EVERYONE but specifically Ward (sheeeeesh that behind the back fall move), JB making the right call and starting Livers who impacted the game defensively right away and Duncan even nailed his only three!!

But the biggest takeaway to me is that John Beilein once again got every little ounce out of this team when it mattered. Izzo is too stubborn to make major adjustments and he was straight up outcoached. This is his most talented team and it didn’t matter one bit.

This is a top-25 team. That has a real shot to creep back into the big ten race. Gotta love it


And we’re getting better too!


I would genuinely take Simpson over Winston today for net impact if faced with the choice.


Holy wow. Never been so delighted to be wrong. Did not see that going down that way. Kids really executed, played with passion, defended with so much passion, but we also seemed to have a great game plan to win there. I had heard a good day before it hit the news that Moe was hurt, I don’t know what to think or say. Except wow. These kids, can’t say enough, but Coach B and his staff to have them ready to play like that in that place, wow.

And yeah, Ward falling down was crazy plus.


So happy to see Zavier playing well and responding to the early season benching. He’s going to be a rock solid player for Michigan, especially during his Junior and Senior seasons. I hope he continues developing and the only knock on him today were those late FT misses (and FT% on the season actually).

The 4 points by Teske in the 2nd half were huge as well. What a week it would have been if we closed out Purdue as well.



This has been coming from Z for weeks now. We’re all delighted he took it to Winston, but can any of us say we’re really surprised he was able to? Z is happening.


Beilein’s Michigan team plays such good defense they can stay in games even when their shots aren’t falling, said no man ever. Until today.


Yeah, X >>>>>>> Winston in this game. That was quite a turnaround from how things looked not long ago.

UM had 3 more offensive boards and 11 fewer TOs than MSU.

Oh, and for Mo Wagner to walk in there and put up 27 (including a bunch of big buckets late) and get a couple blocks and keep his cool despite the BS foul calls - wow. Just wait until he’s 100%…


edit for reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AmLiNycmFlA


Wow. What a win. Didn’t see UM executing at that level down the stretch in that building. Impressive.

And now I’ll amend my UM B1G record prediction from 11-7 to 12-6… 13-5 potentially in play. Important to avoid a “let down week” next week.


Up to 17 on kenpom, 35 on offense and 17 on defense.


x was a complete stud today.





Really glad to see Mo get back to attacking off the dribble from the perimeter. It’s when he’s at his best as a go-to scoring option, and it’s where he poses the biggest mismatch for most big men at the college level.

Another thing worth mentioning for me was Matthews was an absolute stud late in the game guarding Bridges one on one. His all around game is so big for this team.

Huge W



Agree, especially if he can do it without turning it over. There’s very little the opposition can do besides foul or let him get by.