Michigan at Michigan State Discussion Thread


Thanks for the full quote.


I fully disagree Davis can keep Ward in check. I think that’d be a disaster matchup.

At least it sounds like Moe is playing tomorrow, so all a moot point anyway.


Sounds like that’s the case, where he’s not too bad and will play. I was fully going off if he is legit injured and was at risk of not playing.


I just don’t think Ward is a player to be feared. I would never change my defense in fear of a matchup with him, especially go to a defense that plays to his strengths.

Of course Davis on Ward is not ideal, but Davis is a big strong young man and more than capable of putting his body between Ward and the basket. Davis might foul out in three minutes!! He’s a work in progress!!


We have next to no evidence that Davis can contribute against a high level opponent as MSU, let alone be good enough to take away a strength of one of better play players in the country.


There’s a lot more to post defense than just being strong. Technique and D-IQ are vital.


Haha he just might foul out in three minutes in that matchup! I feel bad, I’m not putting down Davis whatsoever. I’m just solely going off of this being in East Lansing, against a mountain of a man in Ward.

Do I think Ward is some top level pro? Not at all, I don’t think he’s elite. I do think he would look elite against Davis in this situation.


We are advocating that Austin Davis could defend Nick Ward? Ward is a dominant post scorer. He’ll be a problem. He also has the tendency to take himself out of games mentally sometimes and Izzo has a habit of going away from him when he gets frustrated. Key for U-M will be forcing a few early TO off of him and maybe MSU doesn’t focus there as often.


True. My point is going to a zone is likely to make the situation worse. State and Ward are proficient at offensive rebounding, going to a zone is likely to give Ward unimpeded access to the rim. Not a good idea. Putting a body between Ward and the rim is a much better idea. If Davis has a strength at this point, I believe it will be using his ample frame to box out and rebound. High on Michigan’s list of priorities tomorrow is keeping MSU off the offensive glass; I don’t see a zone helping accomplish this goal.


I am advocating playing a zone is a bad idea. The alternative seems to be playing man to man, in that alternative, I suggest the best plan is to keep a man between Ward and the basket. Pretty basic stuff


I don’t disagree re: zone, but I don’t think Davis will be able to hold his own against Ward no matter what. We don’t know if he has any strengths at this point in his career.


True. Davis has no track record. No dispute here



Ward doesn’t play that much - less than 50% of Sparty’s minutes - so it’s more likely Davis would be checking Schilling or Tillman. Whether he can keep either of them in check is still unknown.


I think he can at least hold his own with those two, just a matter of if he can without fouling. You’d have to pray Teske stays out of foul trouble though.


I can’t help but agree about playing some small ball with Livers at the five. This particularly applies if Moe is not being effective for one reason or another. I think that we need to make sure we leverage our advantages instead just trying to react to what Izzo is doing. When push comes to shove 3 is worth more than 2 so would take us going blow for blow with our offensive mismatch vs the one that we would create for State


It would be really interesting to see wouldn’t it? If Ward is playing well, going small would put him right on the bench. There’s absolutely no way he could stay on the court with a small 5.

Another reason to be excited about next year is I think that team could be successful changing it up at times with a small ball lineup. Beilein will have the options to dictate any type of game he wants.


Jaren Jackson is a big problem here. MSU could simply slide him to the 5. They have barely ever done that this year, but Jackson is certainly capable.


I guess the question becomes would you rather have Ward and Jackson on the court? Or just Jackson?

All hypothetical since he’s most likely playing, but if Wagner couldn’t play, I’d take my chances removing Ward from the game. Robinson could stay on the court longer as well.


Classic Tom Izzo shrugging off Simpson’s “35 footer” lol.