Michigan at Michigan State Discussion Thread


Can you at least give the site and a link? I don’t see the point in withholding that info.


Honestly no, they don’t know all the details either and if they did report the info, it would become premium content, which I would not bring here. I brought it here to see if anybody had heard anything.


If MAAR is injured I would love to see Livers start at the 4 and Duncan at the 2 with Brooks Poole and Teske off the bench.


If MAAR is hurt, I am all in on giving “featured scorer Jordan Poole” a look and living with the consequences


I would be too, especially because (1) Duncan/Matthews/Livers is not a lot of ball-handling/playmaking at the 2-4 spots, and (2) Poole won’t shy away from the moment. Would be a fine game for a high-risk/high-reward play. And if MAAR’s ankle really is injured, he should rest it. Even though this is a big game, getting him healthy going forward is important and games like MD and @Neb are more swing games than this one.


Couldn’t agree more on your rest him comment. One game does not make a season unless it is the final game.


Continuing with baseless speculation, if MAAR is hurt it might provide an opportunity for Watson to shine.


Simpson and Michigan going to take the Paul Bunyon axe, chop wood, and cut down the Spartans. Good read.

“Simpson recalled: “I just said, ‘Let’s keep fighting. Keep fighting and keep chopping wood.’ It was all about chopping wood this game. It felt good hitting those threes, putting my team in a better position than we had been.”


Swirling meaning more than one person is talking/posting with information about it?


JB press conference in 20, so will probably get the info on any nicks or actual injuries then.


Moe is not 100%, from press conference


And he cannot go into anymore details.



Can’t help but think it may be precautionary given the short turnaround time between Saturday to Monday. Three games in 7 days is tough for someone not 100%. (Not to mention bigger games)


Regarding the game, if Moe can’t give it a go, I can’t help but think we’ll be forced to play a lot of zone. I don’t think you can play Davis straight up on Ward when Teske needs a breather or if he’s in foul trouble.

At the same time, if Teske gets in foul trouble, you might have to hide him in a zone anyway.

If Belein really wants to get crazy, he can go full Draymond/Warriors and put Livers at the 5 for some minutes. I want to say he did play VERY little at the 5 during a blowout earlier in the year.


I highly, highly doubt that is the case. There is no way Moe or the coaches would have him voluntarily sit out a game against our primary rival. Moe came back to prove himself on stages like tomorrow.




I think M will play little or no zone. One Michigan strength is defensive rebounding, a MSU strength is offensive rebounding sounds combustible to me to go zone.

Ward scares me not. For me it’s pretty simple, force Ward to his right and put a body on him. I can live with whatever Ward scores if you keep him off the offensive glass and you make him score going to his right. Both Teske and Davis are capable of doing this. Same game plan M used on Nix. Unfortunately only Jordan Morgan could execute the game plan. McGary and Horford would botch it lol.


Beilein’s full quote, which I think gives off a slightly different impression than some of the tweets summarizing Beilein’s comments that have been put out there-
Question: “Is Moe healthy and do you expect him to play tomorrow?”
Beilein: “He’s not 100% healthy and I think you can see that still with his game right now that he’s not 100% healthy, so we will see as he comes up. That’s the expectation, but anything could happen.”