Michigan at Michigan State Discussion Thread


I think he has shown the capability. He has yet to be given the opportunity. Stay tuned. GRIII on the other hand did not have the capability while at M, at least not anywhere near the extent I BELIEVE Livers does. I’m not necessarily saying is going to get the opportunity this season, But eventually he will get to show his wares


What’s the thought process that leads you to believe that though? Something you see from him?


Ha same, all I remember from GRIII is spot up threes, dunks and free throw line curl jumpers as a sophomore. I probably don’t give him enough credit.



I can’t give you a specific play or moment. Glimpses at M from practice videos, high school videos, I’ve just seen Livers do things with the ball in his hand that make me think he has uncommon skills for a young man of his size. His ball handling and pull up jumper off the bounce greatly impress me. It screams 2 guard skills to me.

I felt similar about LeVert when he was a freshman. Flabbergasted when Coach Beilein said he was gonna RS him. He would do things in games, little things, that made me believe this guys going to be really good.

I guess it’s a feel thing for me. Def no stats to back it up. I’ll be surprised if Livers isn’t an all BIG type performer when it’s all said and done. Also, Coach Beilein has said numerous time regarding Livers: “ he’s going to be real good” I take stock in that and it reinforces my opinion.

As always, I reserve the right to be wrong.


Was it the UDM game? I thought Livers actually displayed some nice handles at one game. I don’t remember him attacking the basket but he was handling the ball in traffic, in the half court—I want to say he used a cross over dribble or two.

I agree with what your’e saying about the potentiality for Livers to be the type of player who can take a guy off the dribble. Using GR3 as a point of reference, I see Livers as certainly more capable regarding ball handling for a couple of reasons.

He dribbles cleanly with his head up
He has superior fluidity
He has superior hip mobility
He generally seems a lot more coordinated


Livers handle is more advanced at this stage of than GR3’s were at the same stage. GR3 had a cautious handle and a left hand that was very shakey. Livers’ is much more confident even going to his left. GR3 really needed to be a 3/2 for Mich but he could not handle well enough or create for others.

All this being said I would not be upset if Duncan started against Mich St. but as soon as State starts attacking him Livers should be heading to the scorers table.


Offensively the key has to be to get Mo and Duncan/Livers to make Jaren Jackson and Nick Ward guard them around the perimeter. Both are forces down low and MAAR in a matchup vs Langford and Zavier vs Cassius who are subpar defenders and could really thrive if those 2 MSU guys are away from the hoop. It all will start with how the 4 and 5 play and I think UM has potential to win big if Mo and the 4 can start the offensive execution. I also want to see how Duncan will bounce back as he seems to be in a low point in his UM career at the moment. Would not mind seeing him at the 3 with Livers at the 4 if he can get going.




Written a bunch about this game…

Think Michigan needs a season-best game from Moritz Wagner on offense and needs Zavier Simpson to get into Cassius Winston and take him out of his game.

If those two things happen, we might have a game. If not, might be a long afternoon.


Great stuff. Bridges is obviously a great player, but I could live with him having to make things happen one-on-one this game, especially against Matthews and Livers. His 3pt shooting has been pretty up and down and only 34% overall and his 2pt shooting has been down too.

This game could go very poorly but I could also see some MSU guys get a little desperate and want to do too much, especially if we can be in it late.


Rumor swirling that we might have an injury to a key player. Let’s hope it is not serious. We need everyone to man up and play their best to win tomorrow.




Again Rumor, only mentioned a key player.


I think you’re selling M short. if this game were played a month ago I’d expect a blowout. With emergence of Livers and Poole and I don’t see much difference between the two teams. I don’t see any great advantages for MSU that M has no answer for.
I think Simpson will give Winston fits. Whatever Winston gets; he’s gonna earn.
Should be a great game. Definitely going to be a spirited contest. Could be a blowout but I don’t think so. I’m confident M will not be intimidated


Based on end of Purdue game my best guess would be MAAR with a foot injury. Pure unadulterated speculation.


what’s your source?


Another site and since it is speculation with no names attached, I thought I would bring it here to see if anybody had heard similar.


I would tend to agree with you.