Michigan at Michigan State Discussion Thread


One thing I love about that game…

MSU top 50 recruits in starting lineup: 5
Michigan top 50 recruits in starting lineup: 0

And despite this, there was no noticeable difference in pure talent.


It may depend a lot on how the Bridges return works out. Did Bridges get better, did he improve his NBA stock and did MSU win?


Am I right in thinking that that takes you back to 2011, and that’s the first time Beilein really had nothing but his own recruits? Obviously it’s a little arbitrary, but.

Also, I would bet that MSU has been favored in all but the tiniest handful of those match-ups, and had miles more 4 and 5-stars on the roster. Good case to make that Izzo has been solidly outcoached, and for some time now. .


As I see it, MSU will not have a ton more chances to pick up quality wins.

Purdue at home
Maryland away
Minnesota away
Northwestern away

Michigan on the other hand has a lot of opportunity to pick up good wins, imo.

Maryland home
NW home
Minn home
OSU home
Neb away
Purdue away
NW away
PSU away
Maryland away

Our schedule is by far more difficult than their schedule, imo.

We basically have 4 top 50 (ish) wins; they have 3 top 50 wins.

We have 3 top 50 losses and a top 100 loss; they have 3 top 50 losses.

The LSU loss was kind of bad and definitely gives the edge to MSU for the better season so far, however, we are trending up and they are trending down, big time.

The interesting thing for me is to watch the kind of garbage that is going to be put out there as Izzo fires up his propaganda machine. For a great laugh head over to the official MSU athletics page and watch their video recap of the game against us. It is not journalism. It is not even biased sports journalism. It is propaganda.


I need someone to figure out what MSU’s points per possession allowed is after they slap the goddamn floor against us. I think it’s around 2.5.


Yes, at both ESPN and CBS Sports the stories were about MSU’s loss and what malaise the team is suffering, not about Michigan’s win.

For MSU it is, to some extent, a business proposition. The Izzone really was half-asleep yesterday, and for all the heat and hatred, they do sometimes seem to have trouble filling seats, including in football, a sharp contrast to Michigan even when the squad is losing. Now if we could only start to fill Crisler on the regular. Curious whether Saturday helps fill the place tomorrow.

I heard Dakich say that Crisler had the best music in the B1G, but I can never help thinking that the right DJ could really delight and motivate the troops.


It really does seem to be a net loser for them; my theory is that the blood rushes to their heads and they don’t think clearly for 30 seconds or so afterward.


Thanks. I was wondering. I haven’t had a chance to check out what people are saying nationally but I did notice you had a provocative post in the Lansing Journal comments section, was it? (I think it was you.) Haha. Keep spreading the good news.


Bridges has the same issue Matthews has that Coach Beilein is trying to correct; he often opts for the more difficult shot rather than the smart, fundamental, easier shot.


Bridges loves to drive, hang in the air, contort his body and throw up a difficult shot.


The national perception will start to change when the rankings come out. MSU should be in the 10-15 range and Michigan in the 20-25 range, so that gap is closing.

Just comparing between the two fanbases, a MSU fan can’t argue toward that LSU loss after losing at home to “then” unranked Michigan. Looking at the rest of their body of work, like you called out, it’s honestly not much different at all.


Yeah, pretty disappointing that we barely scratched 10,000 against a top 5 Purdue team, although the ones who showed up were on their game. I think our fan base is the type to only really give full support if they see a shiny little number next to our name.


I never concern myself with the various seeding contingencies but this M team looks well on the way to getting a decent seed. Already 3 road wins ahead of where last years team was at this point, if my memory serves me correctly. Team is looking dangerous and getting better weekly.

I like the way Coach Beilein brings his freshmen along slowly. I think there is added value to having less mileage on a true freshman at tournament time with this being their first go at the lengthy, draining, college basketball schedule, not to mention classroom responsibilities.

I like the thought of having fresh legs and improving game skills from Poole and Livers come February and March. Maybe Brooks as well. My man just needs to hit a couple shots. His handle is looking better; looks like they’re having him get lower with the dribble


Not sure why, but there are always empty seats at Crisler. I gave up my season tickets this year after 30 years (still buying several games in the secondary market though). Even in 88-89, 91-94 and 12-14, there were rarely less than 5% of seats unoccupied.

Even though there was no one sitting in the upper deck end zones, I thought Tuesday’s Purdue game had one of the best and loudest crowds in recent memory. It would be cool if we could sell out the rest of the games and keep the same charged atmosphere.


Can’t believe Izzo’s press conferences some times. JB always comes out and praises and congratulates the other team. Izzy couldn’t even mention Michigan’s name, coach JB, or say great game. Instead it’s all about him and what the press and fans think about him and their team etc. I love the way our coach represents the U. Makes the schadenfreude all the more satisfying!


Winston really looked soft. Surprised his lateral quickness just doesn’t seem there. Amazing what impact a great point guard defender can have on a game. For those old enough to have watched Gary Grant, it was unbelievable how he influenced every possession.


Yeah, part of it is the corporate preference that Brandon had while AD. If none of their clients or employees want them they just say oh well and sit on them. Manuel’s lack of change in that regard and the fact that section 128 isn’t student seating is something I’m disappointed with.


Not sure what’s surprising about the lateral quickness, ha. He is tremendously skilled and is elite at every guard skill you can ask for. But he’s probably one of the least-athletic players in high-major basketball. He was unathletic for a high schooler. Up until his senior year, he would usually get clamped down whenever he would get guarded by an elite PSL guard (all of which were guys who went to play at low-mid-majors). Finally broke through that wall as a senior, but it has always been a concern for him.


Wagner had a great game, but I think our guard play made the difference. Going in, I might give the Spartans a slight edge on offense, but Z and Rahk are way better than Winston and Langford defensively and it showed.


Winston’s defense is already noticeably awful, imagine if they didn’t have a couple elite shot blockers at the forward positions. Very happy we have Simpson right now.