Juwan Howard ‘not exploring, seeking or listening’ to NBA interest


But for real his son just came in? He’s good for a little while I’d have to imagine. But I would prepare for a new coach in 3-5 years


I expect this to be a yearly thing, as long as Howard has sustained success at UM. He was a hot candidate before coming to UM and many view NBA coaching jobs as more prestigious than college jobs.


Yep. He has coached in college for one year and spent 6 years as an NBA assistant after 20 years of playing in the NBA. He will be an NBA coaching candidate for decades as long as he’s somewhat successful at Michigan. Izzo still gets thrown about every now and then even though I think he’d be a disaster as an NBA coach.

In the back of my mind I’ve often wondered if the reason Juwan hasn’t landed a big fish is because of how easy it is for other coaches To say that Juwan will be back in the NBA the first chance he gets.

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To be fair, the “big fish” would be in the NBA at the exact same time. It isn’t like they are making 2+ year plans.


This is a yearly thing with Harbaugh too

It at least makes sense because of the state of collegiate athletics but leaving after 3/4 of a season would be pretty scummy

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Not even year 2 and we’re dealing with NBA speculation. Gimme a break


I would be shocked if Juwan Howard never coached in the NBA…

I’d also be shocked if Juwan coached in the NBA one year after taking a job at Michigan, never coaching in the NCAA Tournament and recruiting his son to play for him.


Watch Dan Gilbert make an offer


Would you say that the anticipated timeline is that Juwan stays through Jett’s potential UM career?


A Bulls job would probably be hard to turn down. But he also has the luxury and good sense to wait for a situation in which he can succeed.

Having Martelli on staff is a nice safety net.

Ha. Unless we’re talking about some of the 21 or 22 kids.

I don’t think he’d be the guy I’d hire on staff…

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There’s another experienced head coach in Ann Arbor just hanging out these days too.


I don’t think Juwan would leave anytime soon. But an NBA team could easily double his salary at a time when Michigan would be hard pressed to offer a big raise to anyone. I’ll feel better about it when it feels certain there will be a CBB season.


I think there are so many unknowns right now. The NCAA hasn’t demonstrated that they have a plan to address playing during COVID. The NBA has already demonstrated, while challenging, they have a process that can work.

I think he stays at U of M, especially since he understands the impact a quick departure could have on the overall health of a program he loves (not to mention the opportunity to coach his son(s)?).

But if something happened throwing the potential for a season in flux, I could see him at least entertaining the interest.

Alright eff it let’s go there.

If you had your choice between Juwan Howard staying as planned or Juwan Howard leaving for the NBA already if it immediately resulted in the return hire of John Beilein, what would you choose?

  • Howard
  • Beilein

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Dude was getting numerous nba head coaching interviews for the last 2-3 years now has a year at a high profile college job. It makes him a very attractive candidate, especially compared to run of the mill nba assistants that fan bases no little about.


I agree with Big here. Way too many variables in college athletics right now. Funding is going to be a huge concern moving forward and pressure will be on coaching salaries. Universities must make it through the semester, if students go home I think the season is over. Crazy times bring opportunity!