Juwan Howard Coaching Rumors

Surprised Goodman isn’t touting Ed Cooley for the job


He’s trying to get Juwan to the NBA so Cooley can take the Michigan job


Jeff Goodman is a :toolbox:


Just when I thought Jeff Goodman couldn’t annoy me more…



We’re gonna do this every dang summer. Kinda annoying


Obviously him being listed as a candidate and teams pursuing him is to be expected considering he is a good experienced head coach, but what I don’t get is how people like Jeff Goodman or other college basketball analysts can pencil him in as a guarantee to go back to the NBA as soon as Jace graduates. Watching the games the joy and passion displayed by Juwan shows his true affinity and love for the school. Personally I wouldn’t be surprised if he just grows to love working with these younger more impressionable kids and developing relationships.


There isn’t even a hint of Howard being interested in the Blazers job; literally, this states “candidates expected to be considered,” as in, considered by the Blazers. There are going to be a lot of teams that will kick the tires on Juwan.

I don’t have any illusions; he was in the NBA for a long time, and the NBA is the dream job. Now, Michigan is also a pretty dream job for Juwan, and for that reason I think there’s a good chance he stays for a substantial amount of time… but the NBA was his goal and I can’t believe he won’t try it at some point.

I lean toward likely that he will at least see out a full four-year class cycle with a loaded roster, because, why not? I have to assume he’s about to get a big fat pay raise (it would be malpractice not to, one should assume discussions are in process) and he’s ready to go forward.

But: Dangle the right job in front of him, and… what if? What if a job opens with a championship-ready roster? What if Spo decides he wants to spend time with family and Miami, where Juwan spent more time than Michigan, asked him to come home?

Not probable. Not impossible at all.


Apparently Dame wants Jason Kidd LOL. So doesn’t matter either way

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Coach Howard not going anywhere as long as his son(s) play for Michigan. After that maybe? Probably?

Anyone aware of a case of coach father leaving job while coaching their child?!?! I’m not. Not even sure how to search such a thing. “Been nice coaching you son, and getting paid millions to do so, but I’m going to take another job elsewhere. Hope your career turns out well”


Yep, not worried til his kids are gone. So we’ve got him for 3-5 more years at minimum. Jett is not a one and done IMO but could leave after two, pending how he plays.


Woj just said on NBA Countdown that Juwan Howard will likely be one of the top candidates for the Trail Blazers job. That’s a decent job opportunity so it worries me some if true but I think he can get something better down the road from a team that is even more setup to win the whole thing.


I mean it can be true that Juwan is the top candidate for a job and it can also be true that he isn’t exploring those job opportunities. Until the latter is true there’s no real reason to worry.


Guess we’ll see, but until something materializes, feels more like the Blazers having Juwan near the top than the other way around.


Went ahead and created a thread for this since it seems like it will be a recurring topic and kept getting intertwined with other threads.


Think it’s probably fair to be worried about the Blazers coming for Juwan. They’re a well run club that gave Stotts a lot of rope and they have one of the top 10 players in the game. A maybe important point against them: google says the Allen ownership group is trying to sell? It’s pretty well known in the game that your owner (esp. willingness to pay the tax) is a huge deal and going into a situation where you don’t have that certainty probably decreases the attractiveness of that job a lot.

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The Blazers owner passed away recently so it’s owned by his trust now. Kind of in limbo I guess.


A little scary that it’s teams with some upside (Blazers, Celtics, maybe even Bucks) that are looking for a coach.