2021 NBA Playoffs

Wow stevens to the celtics front office, have to wonder if he makes a run at juwan. He tried to hire as an assitant awhile back.

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That’s not really enough for me to think there’s much of a connection there. But it is hilarious after IU fans thought they could get Stevens and now he’s not even gonna be coaching at all

I’m a little confused by this move for Stevens. You don’t see a lot of young, reasonably successful coaches move into the front office from what I can recall. I’m sure it happens though (?). There are more guys who have done it toward the end of their careers or as a stepping stone move into coaching.

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It’s very odd. But if anyone can pull it off its Stevens. I’ll be curious if he permanently moves to the FO or if he ever gets back into coaching. I’m sure it’ll be speculated every year until it happens.

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I see the Suns as the WC favorite as long as CP3 is healthy. They’re balanced and can defend plus they have Book who can carry his team if needed to.

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Also about Stevens leaving the coaching ranks… I remember it being a talking point at the time that Beilein was partially convinced to go to the NBA by Stevens telling him how great the NBA coaching lifestyle was. And now just a couple of years later Stevens retires from NBA coaching. Lol. Not all that it’s cracked up to be apparently.

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I think we underestimate how burned out the players and coaches are from the whole abbreviated season directly after the bubble. I think Stevens ends up coaching again in the not too distant future.

Also, if it was 3-4 years down the line I’d be worried about losing Juwan. I just don’t see him doing it this year with his other son (most likely coming on board). I also don’t see him doing it to the school that he loves so much.

Not sure this means Stevens would say coaching in the NBA isn’t great or that he didn’t enjoy it. Seems like he just wants to try something else? Fits with most of his career moves.

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I believe the actual role of coaching in the NBA has changed in recent years. The players have a ton of influence and control over the game. Coaches maybe more on culture and buy in. I’ve said it before, Juwan will be a great candidate to coach in the NBA. He came from a world class organization that knows how to win. His relationship with players and respect from them will be a huge benefit for him at the next level. OH, and he can coach/teach the NBA game.

So in the last 15months we have now had two prominent former college coaches(beilein and stevens) resign from nba jobs because they are “burnt out”. I think we can torch the narrative that exists in nba media circles that the nba is such a better lifestyle because coaching in the nba is just about basketball(1000% not true). Yes theres longer summers in the nba and no recruiting but the season is way longer and the travel is more brutal, theres way more media obligations and scrutiny and your managing huge egos with wild personalities that you dont get to choose. The two are much closer than most would think. At the top of college basketball(top 10ish jobs) theres likely a better quality of life.

Neither of them resigned from burnout though?? I mean Beilein was fired. We’ve heard nothing from Stevens.


Woj says burnout

beilein resigned because he couldnt handle it and both sides realized it, theres tons of stuff out there about stevens being burnt out

Fair enough, although that specifically mentions the Bubble which was a unique circumstance

That’s not burnout.

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Thats semantics, some would say its a burnout. Regardless a big reason beilein resigned is because he realized that coaching in the nba was not just coaching(actually realized most nba players dont like being coached or praticing) like he thought. He couldnt handle the ego management that exists.

Well, everyone wondered how Beilein would transition to coaching multimillionaires with little interest in focusing on the core principals and skill development that is a staple of his coaching. Needless to say…it didn’t work out. Not sure I’d classify that as not being able to handle it, rather more of a philosophical basketball difference that wasn’t completely supported by the front office (and then…let’s be honest, he lost player and management support after his slip of the tongue - no coming back from it).


I’d have been bitter about this for YEARS if we didn’t luck into Juwan.


Right it’s not burnout when you say what he said. It’s not burnout when you decide not to learn certain things that are a big no no in the NBA such as asking your team to practice on Christmas Day.


Yikes. I never heard that one. Lot of criticisms of Beilein coming out of his stint with the Cavs. Some of that was probably unfair, but I’d very much put this in the “fair” camp.