Juwan Howard Coaching Rumors - Summer 2022

Given the fact that people are discussing replacements and Juwan’s fit with the Lakers it seems like we have a fair number of people on this board who think it’s more than 1%. You yourself just said I don’t know how you can say anything with certainty and I’m telling you this is certain. it’s not 99%, it’s not 99.9%, it’s 100%.


You choose the odds, but there has to be a minimum bet.

Discussing what we should do conditional on something happening has no bearing on how likely that condition is. It’s a message board. It’s fun to speculate and say things like “Ed Cooley would be a terrible hire” or “the flex offense is the bees knees and anyone who hates Ed Cooley is a ding dang fool” and so forth.


The board consensus is it’s possible but it’s also not possible and we’re discussing it for fun. Got it.


Not knowing the difference between “unlikely / highly unlikely” and “not possible” seems to be the whole crux of the issue here.


I doubt we will be able to come to terms bc my guess about what’s fair is dwarfed by my lack of confidence in that guess. I’ll say 5% chance he leaves? But anywhere between 0.1% and 20% seems plausible to me.

So he’s both leaving possibly and definitely not leaving and it’s unlikely that any of us here are possibly not likely to be definite statisticians.

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Love to have pedantic arguments about the word possible as if some of us are too dumb to understand the very basic, statistical definition of the word.

In that case, it’s possible Kylian Mbappe decides to try his hand at basketball and commits to Michigan. It’s possible, and anyone calling me hysterical for repeating this totally possible rumor doesn’t know anything about the world.


Doesn’t Warde get some credit for hiring Juwan?


Yes he does.

Juwan reaching out to Warde did save us from making a crappy hire, and credit due to Warde for taking that lifeline, as he had claimed to have already a list drawn up of great candidates and the name we know that was on it was Ed Cooley, before he ever won his second tourney game or finished higher than 3rd in his own conference. Might have had something to do with Providence bening around the corner from UConn, where Warde previously worked. Or maybe Warde really did look across the whole country and think Ed Cooley would be good.

But it’s not just Warde. Coaching searches are about the AD and the community around that AD. Michigan coaching searches in the past few decades have brought us greatest hits like Bill Martin on a Sailboat, Bill Martin on a Sailboat II (Warde Goes on Vacation Knowing Beilein Was Looking), Brady Would Have Walked Here, and Tommy Amaker. Coaching searches are hard even for athletic departments that have their act together. I hope that when Juwan goes he’ll have a coaching tree from which we can hire. Kinda wish in retrospect that Saddi would have taken the WMU job, to get him on a prove-it track.


Saddi probably has a better shot of being Michigan’s HC by remaining an assistant at Michigan vs. going to WMU.


These threads are getting wild lately lol.


You’re probably right. It would be better if we had the chance to see how he’d be, but I’d also have no problem at all promoting Saddi from assistant if there weren’t an obvious great hire out there.

Hitting peak off season early this year.


“Over the next several weeks, expect several other candidates to emerge, including University of Michigan coach Juwan Howard, who interviewed for the opening in 2019.”


What would be a worse situation? The Cavs when JB got there or this Lakers team?

The cavs, this isnt close, one is an iconic franchise in la, the other is a dumpster franchise in cleveland. LA roster has issues but they still have two top 10 players, including one whose a top 5 in the history of the nba.


Atleast the Cavs had no expectations of success. The Lakers have zero chance of competing for a championship next year, but will expect any coach who comes in to elevate them into contention. By the time they have the ability to retool the roster, Lebron will be turning 39 and maybe ready to head elsewhere to be with Bronny. At which point, you’ll have to bet on Davis being your franchise cornerstone as he misses half of every year with injury.



i wouldnt say they have zero shot. La can flip their situation faster than anyone in the nba because it has the most draw for players of any franchise. LA was a mess under lebron for his first year and won the championship in his second.