July Evaluation Period 2017 - Tracking Michigan's Coaches





Beilein watching Ignas Brazdeikis in Milwaukee this afternoon.




More Iggy


Beilein checking out 2018 wing Drew Peterson. He played really well at Michigan’s Elite Camp a few weeks back.




Any idea who he’d be watching?


More Ignas and Simi

Bryce Drew, Roy Williams, Xavier, Michigan, BGSU & Georgetown took in the @bouncettcaau game featuring Ignas Brazdeikis & Keshaun Saunders

— Corey Evans (@coreyevans_10) July 22, 2017




Rivals. Article with who we watched, one name mentioned is Landers Nolley who I believe plays with Hinton. Hope we get after him along with Hinton.

Not positive who they were watching but think it might be Montez Mathis, guard with a skillset we could use in the class.



According to this MM already named his top 8 w/o Michigan.


I’ve been searching for Beilein on twitter quite a bit the past few days and he hasn’t been anywhere on there. Wouldn’t be shocked if he’s in a gym where the mid-majors are all rolling their eyes at him because they don’t want him to steal their guy.





Excuse my ignorance, any idea who JB is watching or taking particular note of?


Family 16s with Weems, Watts and I believe now Taylor Currie.