July Evaluation Period 2017 - Tracking Michigan's Coaches




This is interesting…you’d think Currie would try to play up with his new graduating class unless he’s doing some prep work for the staff with these guys.


Let’s hope he’s doing some work on them


Beilein will be up in Canada this week.


No less than 4 guys in interest. Would be thrilled with any of the 4


What do you mean?


We are at least in on four guys at the event: Nembhard, Shittu, Barrett and Iggy. I would be thrilled if we landed only one the four


Ah, I gotcha. Actually two different events and I don’t believe Barrett is participating in either one (could be wrong) as he’s sitting out all of July.


Yep, I misread. Apologies.


Gonna guess that Beilein was also at the game between Team Melo (Noah Locke) and Team CP3 (Hunter Tyson) earlier today, but haven’t seen that confirmed anywhere.




Watching Harlond Beverly



Stay on Beverly like flypaper. That kid is a player with a huge-huge upside.




Beilein there for the Team Takeover vs. Bradley Beal Elite game last evening

Frank Martin, John Beilein, Will Wade, Frank Haith & Josh Pastner have also been spotted here

— Adam Ayalew (@AyalewAdam) July 28, 2017


Hunter Tyson