July Evaluation Period 2017 - Tracking Michigan's Coaches



Do we know who is there from Michigan?



Beilein watching Noah Locke


Any word on who was watching Jerome yesterday? Hopefully Beilein.


I believe Beilein was down at Peach Jam/Peach Invitational last night. Not positive. Generally when recruiting writers tweet the schools that are in attendance they use a school name if it is an assistant coach and then use any head coaches names.


Makes sense. Thanks Dylan.



This seems like an interesting one to me with Johns already in the mix


Just a thought and I think it’s interesting. Greg Paulus is at the Howard Pulley-NY Lightning game sitting next to Richard Pitino. He’s focused on the game and taking notes.

He’s clearly evaluating for a future job, or the chance he gets to coach next year.


Our man @umhoops here is now a mutual follower of Greg’s on Twitter. Anything you can inform us of? He also has Quinn as a mutual follow on Twitter


Beilein watching the CP3/BABC game for Hunter Tyson. Jeff Meyer there as well…in Butler gear



Beilein sticking around for the Meanstreets/Takeover game with Damezi Anderson


Beilein watching Ignas and Shittu again

Looks like Beilein and Chris Hunter are there for UM


Simmons and Currie both are following Paulus as well. Might just be the OH connection for those guys but also find it telling that Dylan hasnt responded to you.


Beilein watching Noah Locke now against E1T1.


Damezi Anderson


Don’t read into anything I’m doing in this thread other than posting updates on who is watching who. I get the reasons that Greg Paulus could be appealing (young, fairly successful, Ohio ties, etc.) but I haven’t heard anything one way or another on any sort of mutual interest or anything. I think a lot of Big Ten assistants and Big Ten reporters probably have a lot of mutual follows as well.


Beilein just arrived at the City Rocks/Team Penny game. I assume to check out Joe Girard III.


Here is the box score for the Ignas/Simi vs. Bol Bol/Shareef O’Neal game that Beilein was at http://www.d1circuit.com/game/show/18320811