July Evaluation Period 2017 - Tracking Michigan's Coaches

We need to recruit 6’8" 210 Brandon John of the CIA Bounce just to confuse people.


Washington front and center for Simi and Ignas again vs. Expressions Elite

Chris Hunter at the Howard Pulley/Bradley Beal Elite EYBL Quarters. Haven’t spotted Beilein or Saddi yet.

Looks like Saddi and Chris Hunter are checking out The Family/PSA Cardinals 16U game at Peach Jam. Lots of other assistants there as well including MSU (x2), Marquette (x2), Mizzou, Notre Dame, and a bunch of others that I can’t quite make out.

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Saddi and Hunter now watching Brandon Johns and the Indy Spiece Heat/NY Rens game at Peach Invitational. Peach Invite is for teams that didn’t qualify for the Peach Jam. Games are held near the same facility as the Peach Jam.

I guess that they are in a time-warp in SC. Tweet is stamped at 5:05pm today and it’s only 4:05pm eastern time. Not that it matters one bit but interesting.

Looks like Archie Miller on the right. I guess he’s not too psyched to wear IU colors.


They were all watching Jerome Hunter against the LV Knicks. (note the schools in attendance). Game was at 1pm, not sure what happened with the time.

Love how the Las Vegas Knicks were all about that these coaches were watching their guys. Solid sell for future kids in their program.

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Who is next to Archie?

Somebody from Kent State, possibly http://www.kentstatesports.com/coaches.aspx?rc=457&path=mbball

Forgive my ignorance, which player(s) is he there to watch?

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Nate Hinton.

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