Ignas Brazdeikis declares for NBA Draft



Think this is the right decision for Brazdeikis and I am not at all surprised he chose to declare with the intention of remaining in the draft.


Wow. Heck of a year from him, I sure did enjoy watching him. I said when Iggy signed it was JB’s biggest commitment since McGary and I still believe that. I really hope for his sake he climbs up the draft boards a bit, I do think he will be one of the better Michigan pros in recent memory.

“Not just an NBA player - but an NBA all star”…the most Iggy way to declare for the draft lol


Iggy going pro.

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Yikes. That’s interesting. Shows a little bit of a pattern there. I’m sure your experience and the publicized tweet aren’t the only times that Mr. Poole has been outspoken about Coach. Who knows what else is said behind closed doors.


Thank you Iggy!!!

Let’s go get Franz Wagner


Shit. That isn’t good.


My intent is to be drafted this year as high as I can be and start my journey.

Interesting way to phrase it. Sounds like 2nd round is good enough as far as he is concerned.


Damn he did it without even testing the waters first. Best of luck to him. He gave way more than I could’ve expected from him as a freshman this year.


Sounds like all chips on the table and he is gone for sure.


Ugh. I was hoping he would at least allow the process to play out and get feedback before deciding for sure.


I am happy for Iggy, and I will support any player that leaves for the NBA regardless of where they get drafted.

But from a strictly selfish Michigan fan POV, if Michigan has 3 guys leave to be 2nd round picks and MSU keeps Winston I will be so mad


It’s 100% happening. I’m furious


If I had to pick one of Poole or Brazdeikis to leave I would have picked Poole because we seem to have more options to replace him. Quinones and Beverly play the 2 like Poole and it is easier to find a scoring guard in the transfer market than a 3-4 who was playing at a mid major and has the athleticism to play power 5 basketball. We really need to try to get Wagner to come now. Not the end of the world if we can’t but boy that would that soften the blow.


So if Poole leaves as well, that means the starting lineup is probably Z, Teske, Livers and ???. Probably slide Wilson in at the 3. Then either go with Brooks, hope DeJulius/Nunez explode or add a new body (Quinones/grad transfer). Would probably like to do the same at the 3/4 with either Wagner or a grad transfer.


so much for next year being the “year”. Upside probably a sweet 16 level team if everything goes right.


I may be clutching at straws, but this may mean that Poole, should he stay, would be a bigger focus of the offense.

But I still think Poole may have more NBA upside than Iggy. . .


In the past few years, hasn’t Michigan announced NBA decisions within a few hours usually? Any chance there will be a Poole announcement one way or the other in the immediate future?



Poole Matthews also declared